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Beachy Hair Tutorial

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done hair tutorial (I actually don’t know if I have done one since I used to make them with Treasures & Travels). But I figured it was time to bust the ol camera & hair tools out for you guys, and it was fun! I like the idea of creating more videos so don’t hesitate to give me requests!

This is the thickening spray I used in the video.

Simplifying my routine

Getting ready in the morning with the kids isn’t always something that happens easily. Ideally I’m awake before them and have that time alone to get ready, but let’s be realistic… That’s not usually how it goes. So I’ve learned to simplify a few things to make it easier for me to feel “ready”. I’ve teamed with Schick on this post and decided to share 5 of the tricks I use the most.

  1. Put in dry shampoo before bed. Before you go to sleep put dry shampoo on your roots, you can just leave them looking all white and powdery and come the morning it will be rubbed in for the most part and not looking greasy.

2. Sleep with your hair in a high pony. I use a loose elastic or a scrunchie to avoid a ponytail kink. Sleeping with your hair up makes your curls (or even straight hair) last longer. Keeping the ends from getting squished and bent under your head. I’ve also found this beneficial while growing my hair out, because when my ends don’t get messed up I don’t need to apply heat to them between washes. Generally I curl my hair after showering and can leave it for a few days until my next wash.

3. I put a clothing rack in my bedroom with my staple clothing pieces. I still have a closet with random shirts, shorts, workout clothes, bras, undies, etc. But having the pieces that I like to wear the most in a separate spot makes getting ready quicker because I have less to choose from. I recently went on a shopping spree (again) and managed to finally find a pair of workout shoes at!

4. Using the Schick Intuition 3-in-1 razor really does save time when you’re trying to shave quickly because you can skip shaving cream and moisturizing. It lathers and moisturizers while you’re shaving. I use it most days with my leg up in the sink and I don’t get razor burn like I do when I try to do a quick sink shave with a normal razor.

5. If you do put dry shampoo in your hair in the morning you can use the blowdryer to blend it in quickly. This takes about 3o seconds vs a couple minutes of going through the layers of my hair to make sure that I don’t have any powder showing

The kids clothes

I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a while now, sooo finally, here is a collection of some of my favourite of the kids clothing. I like these things for different reasons; comfort, style, function, and I’ll share why for each. I also want to be honest and make sure you Mama’s know that I get a lot of the kids clothing gifted. I know these pieces are a higher price point and it’s not necessarily realistic to fill your kid’s closets with these brands. But I’m sharing them all because I love them, and if you can pick some of your favourites for your kids I’m sure you’ll love those couple pieces as much as I do! As our precious babies grow out of their clothes, sometimes you can get attached to certain pieces of clothing. I’ve considered getting a t shirt pillow as a keepsake of my favourite items.

I’ve realized that quality over quantity can work for kids too. I prefer to do small loads of laundry often rather than one big load of random kids clothes that I don’t really love. When they have fewer clothes that are better quality I’m more motivated to put stain remover on right away and keep those pieces nice. They wear those clothes often and (mainly Skipper) has worn holes into them, but that’s okay with me because I’d rather them wear something to the ground than have “disposable” feeling clothes (does that make sense? haha).

Anyway! That’s more talking than I’d like to do about children’s clothing! But one last thing, I also love to get the kids basics from thrift or consignment stores for super cheap. I’ve also managed to create each of them a few different personalized pieces (with their names or art that they’d like) by looking into custom kids shirts and taking some time out to design each piece to look good for me, and them! I feel it really adds some sentimental value to those items of clothing.

I will list the items by photo order:

  1. Skip’s bonnetRain People – These bonnets are linen, and so adorable. If you’re buying for the purpose of the sun I recommend getting the largest brim, and size up if you’re child is still growing quickly, Skip’s Sailboat RomperLittle Nest & Co. – Summer staple for us, I love rompers with snaps at the bottom.
  2. Poppy’s OverallsLittle Nest & Co. – I want these in my size, finally overalls with a skinny leg! Poppy’s SunglassesLittle Nest & Co – She picked these ones out herself and I freaking love them.
  3. Poppy’s TeeLittle Nest & Co – I think this is my favourite of her tshirts, the color and fit is perfect. Poppy & Skip’s LeggingsJax & Lennon – I love this local brand, it’s hard to describe just how comfortable the fabric these clothes are made from is, you have to buy at least one thing from this site, please! Skip’s Sweater – Little Nest & Co.
  4. Skip’s SweaterCamp Brand Goods – this is another brand that you have to feel the fabrics in person cause they are just such great comfy basics. Skip’s LeggingsPlaid & Paisley Littles – These Soy Leggings have been a staple for both the kids and they will continue to get handed down for sure.

  1. Skip’s CardiganLittle Nest & Co – Poppy has the shorts in this same pattern by Rylee & Cru because it’s perfectly neutral & beachy.
  2. Skip’s RomperJax & Lennon – J&L tank rompers are something that’s definitely worth making a staple in your kids wardrobe because theres no putting and outfit together, it’s just easy to throw on, super comfy, and people always compliment the kids rompers when we’re out. Same cardigan as previous photo.
  3. Poppy’s DressJune Isle – This is a local that makes a variety of beautiful pieces, we get a lot of use out their play dresses for Poppy.
  4. Poppy’s shortsJax & lennon – The fit of these shorts is so cute, they are just a good comfy summer basic. Poppy’s TankRain People – Linen, relaxed, cropped, handmade. aka. perfect. Skip’s Romper – same as photo #2.

  1. Skip’s BomberLittle Nest & Co – This bomber kills me. It’s really stinkin cute.
  2. Skip’s LeggingsKooshoo – These leggings are designed the grow with your kids, they are organic, hand dyed and ethically operated. Overall such a solid brand and product!
  3. Poppy’s BlouseJune Isle – These blouse is comfy and lightweight, we use it most often to layer with overalls or tuck into a skirt. The cut of it is so sweet. Skip’s ShirtLittle Nest & Co – He looks like such a little man in this shirt. Photos don’t do the fabric justice, it’s very light, flowy, and soft.

Green Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are my morning go to for breakfast, I enjoy them and I can put lots of healthy stuff into them for my own and enjoyment and without the kids knowing what they are eating! For this recipe I’ve teamed up with IRIS to load it with ingredients that are good for your eyes. It’s easy to take eye health for granted when you are young, but it’s actually super important to be proactive about it so you can hopefully avoid running into vision troubles as you age.

Leafy greens are a big one for eye health, along with seeds. So in this smoothie I included kale, spinach, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.

1 Banana

1 Cup Frozen Mango

1 Stalk Kale

1 Handful Spinach

2 Tablespoons Ground Flaxseed

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds (should be blended)

1 Tablespoon Hemp Seeds (Can be blended on served on top)

½ – 1 ½ cups non dairy milk

Put all ingredients into blender, If you like a thicker consistency then use less liquid. If you want to drink through a straw add extra milk & water.


Toppings I used:


-Goji Berries

-Toasted Coconut Flakes


-Fresh Mango

The frames I’m wearing are by Tom Ford. I mostly only wear them when I’m working on the computer, but I do love the look of them so somedays I just leave them on!

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