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Skookum Festival

We spent this past weekend at SKOOKUM Festival in Vancouver with Virgin Mobile. It was the first year for this 3 day festival and it was such a fun one! A great lineup of bands, lots of art installations, a kids zone, vendors, and tons of options for food from legit local restaurants.

What really made it top notch was being there as a Virgin Mobile VIP Member. It let us skip the lines, have a private bar in the Member’s Lounge which was covered from the rain and had an awesome view of the stage. Also free pedicabs to and from the festival (which was a long walk to parking) basically just the royal treatment. So now I’m spoiled and won’t be able to do a festival without it 😉 Now I’m convinced it’s definitely better to be a member.

David and I have always been into music and seeing bands live, he is in a band and lots of his friends were performing so that made it extra fun to go spend time there seeing everyone.

We decide to bring the kids on Saturday and they had a blast! It was totally a kid friendly environment, room for strollers, games to play, and obviously lots of room to run around. We’ll be back next year for sure!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough “Nice Cream”

So nice cream is just a banana version of ice cream, basically ice cream you don’t have to feel guilty about.

For the Nice Cream:

3 Bananas Frozen

1 tsp Vanilla

Chocolate Chips

-Break apart 3 bananas and freeze.

-Once frozen blend bananas + vanilla until smooth, you can add a touch of milk if your blender needs help. I blended mine in the Vitamix (using the tamp) without any liquid no problem. I let the bananas sit in the blender 5 minutes before blending.

-Stir in a handful of chocolate chips, you can either eat immediately or freeze it in a container.

For the Cookie Dough:

-I just followed this cookie dough ball recipe with a couple modifications (Replaces butter with half the amount of greek yogurt, and added less sugar)

-But instead of rolling into balls I flattened it on a cookie sheet and froze it.

-Once frozen I cut it into small squares and topped the ice cream with it.


I often share quotes from books I’m reading on my instagram feed, this one was a far too long to put in a caption but I just thought it was so good! So here you go, this is from Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.

“Today I double up with laughter whenever I realize that I have started “managing” my life once more – something we all do with astounding regularity. The illusion of control is truly pathetic, but it is also hilarious. Deciding what I most need out of life, carefully calculating my next move, and generally allowing my autonomous self to run amuck inflates my sense of self importance and reduces the God of my incredible journey to role of spectator on the sidelines… One of the most arduous spiritual tasks is that of giving up control and allowing the Spirit of God to lead our lives. 

On the other hand, presumption is such an insidious perversion that trust is not merely tainted but corrupted by it. In presumption, we assign God the task of doing for us what we should be doing for ourselves…

…Father Martin says, picture a guy who comes and says, “Father, I am a hopeless alcoholic. I’ve been drinking a quart of vodka, a gallon of Chablis, and a case of beer every day for the last twenty years. I’ve read a lot of the miracle stories in the Bible lately, and I know that Jesus is the master of the impossible. So pray over me and tell Jesus to set me free from Bondage.” And Father Martin responds, “I’ve got a better idea. Go to Alcoholics Anonymous, attend ninety meetings in ninety days, find yourself a sponsor, diligently work the Twelves Steps under his guidance, and read the Big Book every day. In other words, do the hard work.” 

The most common form of presumption is the expectation that God will directly and secretly intervene in human affairs. We presume that by saying “Lord, Lord,” the cancer or bankruptcy or infidelity will disappear. We presume that God answers prayers by assuring good outcomes, that food for the widows and orphans will fall from heaven, and that the Holy One infallibly guarantees a baby’s safe delivery…

The theological arguments that support an interventionary God are many and varied. Frequently people report that they have experienced a physical cure or an inner healing. And they have. “Yet,” as John Shea writes, “one brutal historical fact remains – Jesus is mercilessly nailed to the cross and despite the Matthean boast, twelve legions of angels did not save him from that hour. No cop-out redemption theories that say God wanted it that way explain the lonely and unvisited death of God’s Son. This side of the grave Jesus is left totally invalidated by the Lord of heaven and earth.

Trust in God does not presume that God will intervene. 

Often trust begins on the far side of despair. When all human resources are exhausted, when the craving for reassuranes is stifled, when we forgo control, when we cease trying to manipulate God and demystify Mystery, then – at our wits’ end – trust happens within us, and the untainted cry, “Abba, into your hands I commend my spirit,” surges from the heart…

…It seems that the Master had something more in mind when he said, “Trust in me””

Poppy These Days

4.5 year old Poppy I would freeze in time if I could. Even though I have to walk on egg shells for the first hour of the day and be careful not to suggest the wrong thing for breakfast she is such a sweet sidekick to me and a great helper. (Rocking her crooked tooth above that she knocked loose on tile floor a couple years ago).

  1. These days she wants to be a police woman. I warned her about the bad guys she’ll have to fight but she’s still on board.
  2. Getting dressed is a *process*. A very frustrated “I just don’t know what I want to wear!!” is released almost daily. If only I would let her wear a princess dress everyday.
  3. Asks Google to play Shake it Off by Taylor Swift every morning.
  4. Her favourite car jam is The Middle by Zedd
  5. Loves to colour, make cards, practice letters. Or just cut paper into a million pieces all over her carpet.
  6. Is left handed.
  7. Is so nurturing to her little brother Skip, and his is biggest cheerleader when trying to learn new things.
  8. Asks me to put her in gymnastics classes everyday.
  9. Whenever I tell her that something is expensive she says “How much? Like, Ninety ninety?”
  10. Strokes my face and tells me “You’re my girl” or “Daddy found the best mommy”
  11. Is very social, loves to be around lots of kids.

These beautiful photos were taken by my good friend Elissa Crowe. When we are doing shoots for work she always manages to capture the kids killing time in between shots in the sweetest way.

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