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Thank you for visiting! I have currently taken a step back from social media and blogging. But I did want to leave our blog posts about Goldie up here on the site, all other posts have been archived for now. Love Bethany

Painting with Poppy

A friend of mine had the idea to have her 1 year old paint a piece of paper and then cut it into Thank You cards after her first birthday.…

Poppy Darling’s Heidi Themed First Birthday

Last weekend we had Poppy’s first birthday party! It was a Heidi inspired Alps themed party filled with lots of pink, greenery, flowers, mountain goats, mountains, and lots of people…

Merry Christmas – Love the Menzels

Yay! We actually sent out Christmas cards this year! Every year I want to, and it just never seems to happen. But this year we used Postable, and seriously it was…

Portland – Pt. 2

Christmas Shopping is one of our favourites things to do together, we talk about it all year long. Going downtown getting a peppermint hot chocolate and wandering in the cold,…