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Thank you for visiting! I have currently taken a step back from social media and blogging. But I did want to leave our blog posts about Goldie up here on the site, all other posts have been archived for now. Love Bethany

Those little teeth

So… Teething sucks. Which obviously I knew about toddlers but it’s different when you experience that little monster version of your child that comes out when they are going through…

Dad on the Road

Today is the last day of David’s 3 week European tour. It’s not the longest he has been gone, but it’s the longest he has gone without seeing Poppy and…

Reading with Poppy

Here is just a little home video of Poppy at 13 Months babbling away in her Nursery. She doesn’t have too many words right now, mostly “Hi” “Dada” “Sid” (Our…

A Valentine….

Surprise!!! We are celebrating one more Valentine to love on this year! Menzel Baby #2 is Due August 20th 2015. We are so so excited to be growing our family…