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Simple Staples

I have realized in this past year that no matter how many things I buy and think that I can’t live without when I wandering shops I always go back to my favourite basics anyway. This has made me really lose my constant need for new clothes and accessories. I think I just know what I like now, I am content with those items (for the most part… I mean, I am still female).

Here are just a few of my staple items that I wear and use everyday; Daniel Wellington watch – I got this watch a few months ago and have worn it almost everyday since, I love it so much because it is menswear inspired but doesn’t look all bulky on my small wrist. Also, it’s actually pretty handy to have the time on our wrist, who knew! My friend recently told me about some designer watches that have been discounted at the Jacobs The Jeweller. I’m happy with the watch I currently have but in the future, I can certainly see myself investing in a designer branded watch. If I was going to do this, I’d have to think very hard about it!! Watches can be very expensive, particularly if they made by are a designer brand! I would also have to do lots of research on websites like Wrist Critic, to ensure that I was buying a decent watch. Buying a designer watch is definitely going to be a process but I’m happy with this watch for now!Delicate silver stacking rings – these I truly do wear 24/7. My favorite jewelry pieces are simple ones that you don’t have to take off, I like when someone has “their pieces” that will always make you think of them. Gold Initial Earrings – These are some of the few pairs of earrings I actually wear. Ever since I cut my hair short when I was 17 I haven’t been able to wear large earrings since then, so these are so perfectly dainty to me.

I just recently hoped on the essential oils train and now I understand what all the hype is about. I had a horrrrrrible cold this winter, and so I was constantly holding a diffuser of eucalyptus oil under my nose and since then I have started using them all the time. I keep my Saje Aromacloud Diffuser going in my kitchen most days, and switch between different scents from their diffuser blend collection. I’ve tried so many things to have our house smell nice and fresh. I also spent a while looking at AromaTech and other similar websites, to see which scents I should buy. Since our house is so old and we have a big dog, it can be a bit of a challenge, but the essential oils are the best way to make it smell amazing. You can also visit to find an array of reed diffusers that are more than capable of making your home smell spectacular. Moreover, I have also tried putting the oils into my cleaning solution, what do you use it for??