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Threads :: Expecting Style Series :: 17 Weeks

I wanted to start a maternity style series this time around because when I’m pregnant I often look through Pinterest for some new outfit inspiration, so I thought I would contribute to that endless scrolling of ideas. 

I am at the 17 weeks mark and still rocking a very discreet bump. It takes me quite a while to show, I thought it might be faster my second time around but apparently they really like to tuck themselves in there. I find that this can be one of the hardest stages to dress for. You don’t have a bump that you can just show off under a bodycon or shift dress yet, it’s that awkward time when strangers think that poor girl ate too many Cajun Chicken Sandwiches at lunch (Man, I really shouldn’t have brought that up… Now I need one). So you’re stuck in between your clothes not fitting right and no having a real bump to flaunt…

This is when I usually opt for Maternity jeans, or leggings and flowy tops. Last pregnancy I didn’t buy maternity jeans and I have no idea why! They are the greatest thing, waistbands suck! I was so excited when I found cute ones on PinkBlush Maternity (because there are some badddd maternity clothes out in this world). They fit my legs perfectly and having a big elastic band that stretches right up over my tummy = comfort to the max! This tank is also great because it’s flowy enough that it hides my awkward bump for now but will have enough room & length to grow with me so I can wear it until I’m a big waddling watermelon. Now, this dreamy kimono. I’m a sucker for kimonos and this one is perfection. It will be great to have throughout pregnancy because once I start looking a little more pregnant I don’t mind having something to cover up those growing love handles & expanding booty. 

Tank: PinkBlush Maternity
Kimono: PinkBlush Maternity
Jeans: PinkBlush Maternity
Sunglasses: Aliexpress
Boots: Vintage
Bag: Michael Kors
Cuff: 2bandits