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Arizona Part 1

On Thursday we left the rainy gloomy land of Vancouver for hot & dry Arizona. Skipper’s first flight, which he was a total champ for. Not that I would expect any less, he’s pretty calm all the time (knock on wood). Since Poppy was born we’ve done quite a few flights with her so I feel like we’ve figured out a pretty good system with travelling as family. I had a couple requests for travelling with toddlers tips, here are a few listed below.

Travelling with Toddlers/Babies
  • Snacks, of course. We bring pouches & crackers. I also like to pack a couple melt-down-avoiders like a lollipop or chocolate for when all else fails and you need a major distraction.
  • A loaded iPad. Don’t forget to download some shows ahead of time because airport wifi sucks. Before Poppy was 3 and down with headphones we let her just listen to audio quitely out loud (don’t make everyone suffer through the sound of cartoons).
  • Before Poppy was old enough to have a seatbelt, and now its Skipper I always bring a carrier of sorts (Ergo or Wildbird) for my own peace of mind. I like to have them strapped on during take off, landing, or turbulence.
  • Encourage sucking during take off and landing to avoid plugged ears. Breastfeed/bottle feed the babe and thats when I pull out a pouch for Poppy to suck on.
  • We gate check the stroller so we don’t have to carry everything through the airport.
  • They board small children first, but I prefer to wait until the line is gone, less time on the plane the better!


I know you’re probably sick of me complaining about the weather ( unless you’re from Vancouver then you get it) but it’s been SO WET, recording breaking winter & spring for rain. Waking up these past few mornings to sun is glllorrrrrrioouussssss!

Poppy picking flowers and collecting rocks, it’s so sweet how little girls just can’t pass a flower without picking & smelling it. Simple pleasures.

Touching all the cacti “What are these??”

This little chunk has been super warm here, we ordered a stroller fan on Amazon that has been a lifesaver, we’re constantly misting him with my make up mist bottle, and putting cold wash cloths on his head. I can understand now why people that live in the south crave colder weather, if I had to do it everyday I would probably get pretty sick of it too.

We’re enjoying our last couple days of lazing around in the sun trying not to look at the forecast at home!

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Family Trip to Victoria

Last week we took a Ferry ride from the mainland over to Vancouver Island for a night. It’s was a beautiful sunny day there and we just spend the day walking around a seeing the shops, restaurants, and cafes. When were on vacation we like to stop at lots of different places that catch our eye so we usually just eat in stages, a taco at one place, a drink at the next, donut at another. A family style pub crawl. 

I included a little video below, which is mostly just footage of Poppy talking of course. 

Blush + 501s

I’m pretty sure this was the only day the sun showed it’s face on March. Are you sick of us Vancouverites talking about the weather yet? (too bad, because it’s been brutal) But when it is sunny oh boyyyyy am I happy! Cropped tops, Cropped pants, and slides are coming out! Hellllooooooo Spring. 


Vintage 501 Levis – Boheme Goods
Blush Blouse – Aritzia
Black Slides – Aldo

Glossier Review

A couple weeks ago I ordered these two products from Glossier – The Stretch Concealer & the Perfecting Skin Tint, I had a lot of gals on Instagram ask me to keep them updated on what I thought of the products, so here is what I think…. 

Stretch Concealer

I love the concealer, It does exactly as promised. The idea for this concealer is that it stretches with your face avoiding the classic cracked concealer look. I went with light because I wanted to use it to brighten my under eyes (which 3 babies in 3 years have turned completely purple), but medium would have probably also worked well with my skin tone. I also use it to even out the skin tone around my nose.

Perfecting Skin Tint

This again is what it says it is. It’s not a foundation, and doesn’t give much coverage. It more just tints & evens skin tone. I use bronzer so I like to have something underneath for it to set into, this works for that. I think I’ll use it more in the warmer months when I’m tanned and don’t want much coverage. But for the winter months I have been mixing it with my favourite Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (in Natural Radiance) to give me that extra glow I “need”. 

Overall I would recommend the stretch concealer for sure, the skin tint I would recommend for light coverage only because it’s so natural and free of anything harmful to your skin. If it wasn’t for the health benefit I would put it much above any other skin tint. Also, the prices are great and obviously the packaging is too. 

Next up I will definitely try the Boy Brow (since I love brow gel & have heard great things) and the Soothing Face Mist, because I like to go heavy on the mist to set my make up & refresh it. 

Any products you’ve tried and loved (or hated)?

*Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada, surprise, surprise…. I live near the border so I’m able to order to my mailbox there. But hopefully they will soon!

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