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Washington Retreat


I coach a cheerleading team at a high school, I was a cheerleader on that same team when I was in high school, and now I’m back! This weekend we went on a retreat to The Firs in Washington. Lots of pratice time, and late night chats. It was a fun but exhausting weekend, when I came home I layed on the couch and cuddled my sweet puppy! 

ecclesiastes 4:12

I’ve was asked recently if my triangle tattoo is a “hipster” sign. haha, no. it’s not. David and I got these tattoos this past summer as something to symbolize the marraige between us and God. It was inspired by the verse “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” 


Meat Market

David and I took Sid for a walk through town the other day. He doesn’t walk through town often (mostly through the woods) so his nose was going crazy! Especially when we walked past the meat shop, he did not want to leave that door… 

This photo from our walk reminded me of a Regina Spektor Lyric from the song “Dance Anthem of the 80’s“. I always seem to listen to that album at this time of year, David and I started listening to this album the fall that we started dating so it always gives me that magical fall feeling of crisp air, colourful leaves, and our first few months of dating! 


This morning has been particularly photogenic. After weeks of dark, dark rain, sunlight came pooring through! I woke up today and exclaimed “It’s so beautiful!” and sleeping David responded with a “rmmmr”. When the sun comes out I feel inspired to do more, take photos, make something, just get crap done!! 

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