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Getting outside with Nike

This post is in partnership with Nike, all opinions are my own.

I’ve always loved the iconic athletic basics by Nike but I recently learned about their community initiatives including the Nike PLAYlist, which is all about keeping kids active through creativity. It’s obvious in my own kids that they are their best selves when they spend extra time moving outside but some of the stats about the way that staying active affects the way kids perform in school is really interesting.

Also, while we are spending a little more time indoors these days the Nike PLAYlist are awesome for the parents to introduce to their kids. These short episodes are Nike’s resource for parents to help their kids find joy in sports by doing active challenges! They love watching Nike Playlist Shake-ups and getting fun ideas for contests from Ocean & Sky. The Nike PLAYlist curated content is where the kids can find all sorts of ideas from #theReplay challenges to 60 hangs where kids get to hang out with featured pro athletes!

Love that Nike is encouraging families to get moving!

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Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste

**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are my own.

It’s funny the things that kids get excited about…like opening a new tube of toothpaste! My kids used to beg me for the bubble gum flavor toothpastes with the characters on the front because they wanted yummy toothpaste, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything other than natural for them. Then I started buying the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry Children’s toothpaste and Poppy & Skip seriously get so excited to finish one flavor tube and open the next one that’s in the

Silly Strawberry​ is always a favorite and it also comes in kid friendly mouthwash, which makes them feel like such “grown ups” being allowed to use mouthwash and it is good for a little freshening after snack times. Here are the few of the main reasons I’ve chosen to use Tom’s of Maine toothpastes for years now:

✓ Available in fluoride and fluoride-free

✓ No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives ​(let’s just say that bright blue color filled with sparkles you see in other brands may not always isn’t exactly natural

✓ No animal ingredients

✓ Not tested on animals

✓ Comes in a recyclable tube (​This is extremely rare with toothpastes!)

Click here to purchase!

Easter Countdown Printables

Obviously inspired by the home schedule I last posted, I thought I would do a countdown to Easter (based off of the biblical events). Easter is the most special “holiday” to me, there’s just so much weight on the events that we are remembering. It’s important to me that my kids know what it’s all about and not just associate the holiday with the Easter Bunny and excessive amounts of chocolate. Not that I have anyyyyyything against a good old fashioned egg hunt 😉

It’s just an outline for the week leading up to Easter Sunday so you can go through an event each day. We will talk about Judas betrayal on Wednesday, The Last Supper on Thursday, Jesus Death on Friday, Burial on Saturday, and then celebrate the resurrection on Sunday/Monday.

I wouldn’t worry about lining the days up though, just go through them as you wish. I’m going to link a few youtube videos at the bottom to help explain the events for young kids. Feel free to leave more resources in the comments.

Download the printable here

You can cut the strips out and hang them creatively or just leave it as a page and put it on your fridge for the week and use a clothes peg to mark which day you are focusing on. I pegged them to this stem and stuck the pampas grass to the wall with painters tape.

Happy Easter!


Home Schedule Printables

A few days after we took Poppy out of school since all this COVID-19 stuff went down Poppy said she wished we had a schedule for the day like they do in their classroom. So I printed some off and we’ve been switching that around, not quite everyday but most, to add some structure. The kids love it!

I made some minimal looking printables for you print, cut out and display how you wish. I hope it helps with your daily routine!! If you make it show me on Instagram.

Printable Page 1Printable Page 2Printable Page 3
Printable Page 4Printable Page 5Printable Page 6
Printable Page 7

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