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Zero Waste with Fresh Prep

This post is a partnership with Fresh Prep, a company I’m thankful to work with to share my genuine thoughts on their meal kits with you.

I just tried out the zero waste meal kits from Fresh Prep and love them. Meal prep kits make my life so much simpler but the extra waste has always been a downside to that convenience, so this is a great solution!
(Read to the bottom for 3 free meals)

How it works:
-When placing your order Zero Waste Kits cost no extra and come in a sustainable reusable container
-You simply wash the container after and put it back in the fresh prep cooler for pickup

Another thing I love about Fresh Prep kits is that the ingredients are locally sourced and come pre-chopped (yay for less chopping)! Fresh Prep is very intentional in their sustainability when it comes to the food and the environment. They are a B-corp company which I really respect (if you don’t know B-corp standards, check it out).

The next thing that is awesome about Fresh Prep is their Add-ons menu. I ordered some items for our fridge/freezer and ready to heat kiddo meals. Love that they have this section filled with food from some of my favourite local restaurants. You can easily mix and match to plan your week with fresh prep.

Check out what is on the menu this week and use my code INFBETHANY21 for 3 free meals!

Cyber Week at Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is a paid partnership but all opinions are genuinely mine.

Hey Canadians, Bed Bath & Beyond’s Cyber Week is now on! It’s a great chance to purchase home basics or gifts for the homemaker. When I was shopping the sale everything in my cart was available for curbside pickup near me which makes it extra easy.

Starting on Friday, November 27th through Saturday, November 28th, get 20% off your entire purchase.

A few of the things I grabbed were items that I’d been putting off replacing for a while.

First, our duvet. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would embarrassed to say how long they have had their duvet. This down filled machine washable duvet is $70 off right now.

Next thing I’ve been needing is good non stick pans. I was losing my mind scrubbing out our pans and I’ve only had these All-Clad non stick stainless steel pans for about a week but they have been amazing!

Also, our best friend around here, the Google home. This guy is half price, if you don’t have one in your home you will not regret it. Also, a great price point for gifts!

My Lululemon favourites

I really love Lululemon for everyday basics and since they are having their Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale I thought I would link the things that I personally have and genuinely love. I will say that I learned my lesson with yoga pants and that lesson is that none of them beat lulu.

The links are all below, but I will leave with a couple notes about my favourites.
-The Wunder Puff jacket is super warm and I’ve been wearing it basically everyday. I like the oversized boxy fit so I bought it in a 4, but could definitely have sized down.
-The ebb to street bra is my favourite for everyday. It has removable pads and you can join. the straps at the back to make it work for halter style tanks.
-The Align leggings are so buttery soft and they go nice and high, which I like.
-You know that I love the Everyday Belt Bag for a fanny pack option. I recently got the Easy Access Crossbody and I’m really into it, because it’s just big enough for my phone, credit card, and hand sanitizer. But heres where it shines… The strap can come off and then you can pop it into a larger bag when/if you’re using one. So you don’t have to move the essentials from bag to bag.
-The Perfectly Oversized Crew is basically exactly the name haha. If you’re in the market for just that, then this is a great one. I bought the cream one last winter, and the black one this winter. The material is different between them so they must have updated it, I like the new material best.

I also included a couple of David’s favourites. I bought him the Cold City Parka for this winter and he loves it, so crazy warm!

Coffee Table Books

Here are links to the coffee table books I love. They are mostly about inspiring homes, lifestyles, and entertaining with ease. I never really invested in coffee table books before because I always felt they were overpriced for a book but I’ve slowly been building up my collection of beautiful books that I actually enjoy to sit down and flip through at the end of the day with a glass of wine. It’s nice to have something sitting out to reach for instead of a phone.

  1. Surf Shacks Vol. I – Will make you want to live in beach shack far away
  2. Wabi Sabi Welcome – a beautiful introduction to the laid back wabi sabi style of decor and entertaining.
  3. Still – The Slow Home – On my list!
  4. Pacific Natural – Jenni Kayne’s beautiful way of entertaining
  5. Annie Leibovitz at work – A classic collection of Annie’s work.
  6. Surf Shacks Vol. II – backordered in the mail, I expect it to make me want to move to an abandoned island just as much as the first volume did.

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