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Coffee Table Books

Here are links to the coffee table books I love. They are mostly about inspiring homes, lifestyles, and entertaining with ease. I never really invested in coffee table books before because I always felt they were overpriced for a book but I’ve slowly been building up my collection of beautiful books that I actually enjoy to sit down and flip through at the end of the day with a glass of wine. It’s nice to have something sitting out to reach for instead of a phone.

  1. Surf Shacks Vol. I – Will make you want to live in beach shack far away
  2. Wabi Sabi Welcome – a beautiful introduction to the laid back wabi sabi style of decor and entertaining.
  3. Still – The Slow Home – On my list!
  4. Pacific Natural – Jenni Kayne’s beautiful way of entertaining
  5. Annie Leibovitz at work – A classic collection of Annie’s work.
  6. Surf Shacks Vol. II – backordered in the mail, I expect it to make me want to move to an abandoned island just as much as the first volume did.

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