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Products Growing Good Bacteria with Tom’s of Maine

*Disclosure: Products and compensation were provided to me by Tom’s of Maine, but my opinions are my own. 

This past fall I visited Kennebunk, Maine with Tom’s of Maine to meet some of the people behind the brand and see their factory. One of the other reasons I visited was to be introduced to their new Prebiotic line. To give you a little idea of what the heck prebiotics are and why it’s beneficial to have them in the products you’re putting on your body I’ve included this from the Tom’s of Maine website (because they put it into words better than I would be able to). 

Good and bad bacteria naturally exist in your gut, mouth, and on your skin. Prebiotics are nutrients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in and on your body by feeding them, while starving and crowding out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath and body odor. Promoting their growth will help support a healthier balance of bacteria with more of the good and less of the bad.

You are probably more familiar with probiotics in your everyday diet and if that is something you are intentional about, prebiotics are just as important. 

Both probiotics and prebiotics work to promote a healthier microbiome, for the gut, mouth, or on the skin. The difference is that, while probiotics are bacteria known to be beneficial to the body, prebiotics are nutrients that promote the growth of the good bacteria that already exist in or on your body. Allowing the good bacteria to thrive is important for maintaining a healthy balance.
I’ve been using the Prebiotic Personal Care line for about a month now and it lives up to the performance of the other Tom’s of Maine products. I was already using their deodorant, toothpaste, and bar soap, but I am loving that they have now introduced a liquid hand soap. Not shown in these photos is the Body Wash which is a staple in our shower and I also use it as a clean bubble bath for the kids. The Fresh Apple Hand Soap is a family favourite scent, Clean Coast Deodorant, Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste, and the Blood Orange Body Wash.

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