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Poppy These Days

4.5 year old Poppy I would freeze in time if I could. Even though I have to walk on egg shells for the first hour of the day and be careful not to suggest the wrong thing for breakfast she is such a sweet sidekick to me and a great helper. (Rocking her crooked tooth above that she knocked loose on tile floor a couple years ago).

  1. These days she wants to be a police woman. I warned her about the bad guys she’ll have to fight but she’s still on board.
  2. Getting dressed is a *process*. A very frustrated “I just don’t know what I want to wear!!” is released almost daily. If only I would let her wear a princess dress everyday.
  3. Asks Google to play Shake it Off by Taylor Swift every morning.
  4. Her favourite car jam is The Middle by Zedd
  5. Loves to colour, make cards, practice letters. Or just cut paper into a million pieces all over her carpet.
  6. Is left handed.
  7. Is so nurturing to her little brother Skip, and his is biggest cheerleader when trying to learn new things.
  8. Asks me to put her in gymnastics classes everyday.
  9. Whenever I tell her that something is expensive she says “How much? Like, Ninety ninety?”
  10. Strokes my face and tells me “You’re my girl” or “Daddy found the best mommy”
  11. Is very social, loves to be around lots of kids.

These beautiful photos were taken by my good friend Elissa Crowe. When we are doing shoots for work she always manages to capture the kids killing time in between shots in the sweetest way.

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