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Mop Talk

Lately I have received a lot of questions about my hair, or hair in general. So I figured that I would try to answer the majority of them in one post, so here we go. 

1. How can I describe your cut & colour to my stylist? 
Firstly, bring a photo! That is the best thing you can do to get the look you want. My hair is relatively thin, and a tad damaged which is part of the reason is holds mess and texture so well. So, remember that if you have a completely different hair type no matter what your stylist does, it won’t be the same but I’m sure they can think up something similar that will suit you best.
Cut: My hair has lots of layers, starting around my shoulders which gives it that thinner look at the ends keeping the weight up top rather than blunt at the bottom. The heavy blunt ends are more trendy at the moment, but this is the style of hair that I feel suits my style best.
Colour: Sombre level 5 at the top fading to a level 8 on the ends. 

2. Have you done the no shampoo method? 
Yes, I have tried this out a couple times and you can read more about it in posts here & here. I find this most realistic for me in the summer, but through the winter I start to feel a little dirty and crave silky smooth clean hair so I typically wash it once a week. There are a lot of different opinions on this method some will say it is super healthy for your hair and some will argue the opposite. I have learned from trying a lot of different routines with my hair that you just have to find what works for you. My hair felt healthy, and I noticed more growth when I stopped shampooing, but you might find that using hair care products is the better option for you and your hair.

3. What is your favourite _______?
Shampoo & Conditioner: Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash & Rinse
Dry Shampoo: Amika Perk Up
Texturizer: Amika Undone Texture Spray
Detangler: Lakme Lak2 Instant Hair Conditioner
Oil Treatment: Moroccan Oil. But, One of my best friends swears by Marrakesh Oil which I have yet to try. 
Heat Proctector: Kevin Murphy Heat Defence 
Curling Iron: Amika Switch Kit 

4. How do you get your hair to look textured & messy? 
Not having freshly washed hair always helps, texture spray is a must, waves with a curling wand give a natural “undone” look rather than a clamped curling iron. I always leave my ends off the curling iron (which I know some people loathe) but it adds to that messy look. Backcombing, and the roots and through the ends, if your hair doesn’t hold backcombing well hair spray it first. 

If you are looking for tutorials, there are lots that I have done over on Treasures & Travels

Feel free to leave any other questions you have in the comments below.