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Poppy Darling :: 13 Months

This little pickle is 13 months old. Weighing in at 16lbs, she has 6 teeth, 3 words; Hi, Sid, and Dada. She’s mimicking sounds, but those are three words she says confidently. Had absolutely no interest in walking until yesterday. She stood up holding onto her little rolling cart and started walking across the room, so I don’t think it will be too long until it happens. At first I was definitely not rushing it because I know how crazy the transition is. But I’m ready for her to walk now, I get excited for the new stages! Her favourite foods are bread (duh), hummus, pickles, cheerios (duh), rice, oatmeal, and grated cheese. Her favourite singer is Lana Del Rey, I can count on a chill car ride if I have that playing. 

She is a very sweet, kind, gentle, and happy baby. She is starting to develop strong opinions about food, wearing jackets, getting into her car seat, having her diaper changed, and basically doing things against her free will 😉 Sometimes the only logical response is to throw your head to the ground and scream. But overall she is so so sweet.