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Poppy Foods

 Poppy is almost 11 months now, and like every mom says – I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!! Since we are one of the first of our friends to have a baby, I love how they ask me the questions that sometimes people are a bit to “proud” to ask like.. “How the heck do you know what to feed a baby?” because these are the questions I would be googling on my phone late at night before she was born. It’s funny all the things that you feel like you have to prepare for so much just come natural with a baby. As she gets older we slowly introduce new things and you just naturally figure out what they like, and what they’re going to choke their brains out on. 

Poppys favourite food these days is Oatmeal. Which is so easy for me! I make some large flake oats, and mix in some pureed veggies and put it in the fridge. It hardens and then I can just break it into pieces she can pick up and eat herself. Thats our go to these days. She is also obsessed with Mandarin Oranges, loves tofu (Which I try only to give her every once and a while because of the soy) and hummus. 

She is slowly eating more of the foods that I eat, have bites of my mexican rice bowl or quinoa salad. Which really is nice when they can start just eating what you eat! 

What are your go to meals and snacks for your babe? I’m always looking for new inspiration.

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