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Etsy Love

Before Poppy was born I received some handmade goodies for her from a few Etsy shops. I really am in love with all of these products, as they are well made and adorable. I wanted to find some cute handmade items to replace the classic plastic baby looking necessities. The pictures below have been posted to my Instagram, so you will be able to find them all on there if you follow me. Surely they’re going to get me a few more followers… I mean, come on, look at her face! I must admit, I slightly aspire to be like danielle bregolli on instagram, as she has got millions of followers. I have been reading about the best way to increase your followers and there has been lots of advice on what to post, when to post it and how to utilise things like hashtags. Then there is also lots of information about things like Nitreo, an Upleap alternative, which can also help. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Poppy’s beautiful face will help too though!

Baby Turban – Mama Owl Shop ——– David wouldn’t let her leave the house without this for the first few months, He wanted to be sure people knew she was a girl 😉 Check her out on Facebook & Instagram.

Moccasins – Minimoc ———– These ones actually aren’t from etsy, but they sent them over the first week Poppy was born and she has worn them pretty much everyday since. They are my absolute favourite shoes, they never fall off! Check them out on Facebook & Instagram.

Neon Heart Blanket – Yarning Made ——— This is such a cute and cozy hand knit blanket. It was perfect for bundling her up in her carseat since she was a winter baby. Every where we went people would ask who made it for her and usually start to tell a story about a baby blanket they had at one point. I love how a baby brings up conversations with strangers everywhere you go. Check out Yarning Made’s Blog, also on Facebook & Instagram.

Wooden Teething Rattle – NiHaMa ——— Lately this is Poppy’s favourite toy. It’s easy for her to grab and soothes her gums. I love its girly neutral colours, and the lack of plastic! Check her out on Facebook & Instagram.

Anchor Soother Clip – Downhomeamy ——— I have an obsession with anchors so when I saw this soother clip in her Etsy shop I fell in love! Once again, I love the wood rather than plastic, and it’s great to not be constantly picking up her soother off the floor. Check out Downhomeamy’s shop, also on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.