Thank you for visiting! I have currently taken a step back from social media and blogging. But I did want to leave our blog posts about Goldie up here on the site, all other posts have been archived for now. Love Bethany



So tomorrow morning I leave for Boston.  I’m meeting David on tour with his band for a few weeks and then at the end of the tour we’re heading to Arizona for a little sunshine! This afternoon I am taking shifts between laying in the amazing (and unusual) warm sun we’re having in White Rock and Packing. Packing for 3 weeks in a carry on is a little difficult but I think I’m getting pretty good at it! 

In the bottom photo is a few of the things I always have on hand for a road trip;

-Water Bottle, you feel 100X better at the end of the day when you keep hydrated

-Book, Lots of waiting around with bands so it’s good to keep it handy.


-In the cosmetic bag: Ibuprofen, This gets used a lot! Burts Bees, lotion, tissues, & Vitamins, It’s so easy to get run down and sick away from home. 

-Laptop, With long hours in back of the car theres lots of time to get work done! 


I’m gonnd miss that pup <3 

Check out the We Are The City tour scheduele, Come say hi and listen to some awesome bands.