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54   2322
3   402
6   1125
28   2453
21   1208
41   2352
84   3136
17   1869
41   3560
39   2246
22   1896
33   2721
54   4167
6   669
42   2037

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Baby Prep

We’re in the last couple days before the new baby boy arrives and we’ve have had fun doing all the baby preparing over the past few months. One of the…

Saturday Laze

Nine more days until the baby boy arrives, crazzzzzy! Yesterday I was making food for the freezer and totally wore myself out, so I said to David when we were…

More snow! (and a 3 year old)

Yup, more snow photos… Early this morning I woke up and saw that our yard was completely covered in white again. When I opened Poppy’s blinds she exclaimed “It snowed, AGAIN!?”…

Snowy Mountain

We got some snow here in Vancouver this week, which feels really strange. We’ve had such a warm & wet fall and early winter that I would not have expected…

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