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Good Morning

1. David and I have just started drinking coffee! We’ve moved on from our one cup maxell house pods, to french press.. pretttaayyyy fancccyy.   2. I think Sid has the hardest time waking up out of all of us.    3. David’s hair is gone. A spur of the moment head shave the night before (maybe a little bit of peer pressure)… fixin it up the next morning. 

Happy Birthday Drew

Today my brother-in-law, Drew, turned 25! On Saturday my sister threw a lovely party for him with all his close friends and family! In their house they have an indoor pool, I know! SO cool… thats where the party was, Megan decorated really nice, made tons of deliciousss appies & desserts, and gave a nice toast, such a good host my sis is! We even got to watch their bulldog, Lola eat an oversized doggy cupcake in honour of drew, which was quite entertaining. After the boys finished their cigars, and the girls finished all of the chocolate pretzels David and I walked back through the woods the our home. (The convience of living on the same block as your entire family)  

Washington Retreat


I coach a cheerleading team at a high school, I was a cheerleader on that same team when I was in high school, and now I’m back! This weekend we went on a retreat to The Firs in Washington. Lots of pratice time, and late night chats. It was a fun but exhausting weekend, when I came home I layed on the couch and cuddled my sweet puppy! 

ecclesiastes 4:12

I’ve was asked recently if my triangle tattoo is a “hipster” sign. haha, no. it’s not. David and I got these tattoos this past summer as something to symbolize the marraige between us and God. It was inspired by the verse “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” 


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