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freakin weeken (d)…

This weekend was good! Started off Christmasy with some gingerbread houses (photos to come), some filming for a christmas video, and a christmas party! We also got some time in there to just hang out and relax! These photos are from yesterday afternoon. After church we grabbed a quick (and oh so healthy) lunch at A&W (sooo yummy)! I always regret fast food about 20 minutes after i finish when it feels like there is a huge rock sitting inside my stomache…. Then we made a stop at the pet store to grab Sid some bones to keep him occupied when we has to hold down the fort in the evenings. 

Explaination to Sid’s Cone: Last Saturday night David and I went out for dinner and when we came home we grabbed Sid from the backyard and as he very excitedly came running through the back door he let out a really loud bark, a couple minutes later I noticed drops of blood all over the family room, I looked at sid’s leg and it was completely split open. As soon as I noticed I was practically in the fetal position yelling for David (I do NOT do well with blood) We rushed him to the 24 hour vet and they said he would need spend the night there to be put under, and get stitched up. I never thought I could be so attached to a dog, but when the vet told me he had to stay the night I started balling right there, I felt so bad leaving my scared little puppy all alone! But, He of course was fine, and is all stitched up now!! After playng detective we figured out that there was a garbage bag at the back door with a corner of broken glass sitcking through that cut him when he came running inside. 

As you can see Sid has been asking all his friends to sign his cone…  



Today I had to go run some errands in the states, we live just 10 minutes from the border so I love going across the border to get cheaper and more exciting groceries! On the highway I saw this deer just laying in between the lanes, trapped between all the traffic, it was sooo pretty, I wish I could have helped him across..

When I’m in bellingham I usually rush from store to store and get back across before the lineup gets too long… But today I decided to take it easy! I didn’t have anything I had to be back for this afternoon so i spent my time wondering around target, putting things in my cart, and then putting them back on the shelves once i convinced myself i didn’t need it! I drove past a beautiful cemetery so i stopped to take some photos. I even stopped at my favourite Rocket Doughnuts on the way back, mmmmm (can you see the JUMBO doughnut thats out of focus underneath)!

All glory

I just downloaded the King’s Kaleidoscope Christmas ep “Joy has dawned” (which I highly reccommend downloading, esceially for only $4!) and the song “All glory be to christ” came on, and I was so absorbed by it! Listening to the lyrics with such awesome meaning, it set my focus on the one I love, rather than all the easy distractions of what we make christmas.

Should nothing of our efforts stand, No legacy survive, Unless the Lord does raise the house, In vain its builders strive. 

To you who boast tomorrow’s gain, Tell me what is your life, A mist that vanishes at dawn, All glory be to Christ! 

All glory be to Christ our king! All glory be to Christ! His rule and reign will ever sing, All glory be to Christ!

(photo from our weekend in beautiful whistler, bc)

Christmas baking

Every year my mom, my sister, and I have a full day of christmas baking! It’s a christmas tradition, we mark it on our calendars in advance, my mom gives us “baking day presents”, and we put on cute vintage aprons. We start in the morning making batches of shortbread, dipping pretzels in chocolate, watching “Eloise at Christmas” and drinking tea… Then many hours later we finish the day icing cookies, cleaning the disaster of a kitchen we just created and drinking margaritas. Then I walk home and David sneaks cookies for the rest of the night! 

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