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I am a lonnnnng time lover and devoted shopper of Etsy. I think I was in middle school when my Dad actually said “Have you ever heard of a site called Etsy?” Mind. Blown. Fast forward 13 years and I still love searching all of the shops on there.

In case you haven’t had the love affair with Etsy that I have it is a marketplace filled with thousannnddss of handcrafted goods. As Salesforce can tell you, ecommerce/online shopping has become exceptionally popular over the years and Etsy is one of the major success stories. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite shops & products for clothing, accessories, and home goods. You can also shop all the items through the widget at the bottom of the post.

  • First, let’s start with vintage Levi’s, the one’s I’m wearing here are from this shop. I wear high rise Levi’s all the time and it’s probably the main thing people ask me about on the ol’ Instagram. There are tons of authentic vintage pairs available on Etsy.
  • Next up, these gold geometric earrings are my new favourite. Such great quality, handmade, and a really good price.
  • I love to wear lots of rings, the dainty sterling silver rings I wear are from this Etsy shop.
  • I just ordered this linen tie front top and I’m super excited for it to arrive!
  • To fill frames around my house I’ve purchased instant download photography prints, it’s super easy to get them printed and I find it’s the most cost friendly way to put art on your walls. I shared links to a few of my current favourites below.
  • In my kids rooms I have framed banners I made with their names on it, I get asked all the time about where I go those banners. All I did was order felt letters on Etsy, the exact letters are no longer available but I found some that are super similar.
  • And my next purchase, I currently have my eye on this for the kitchen.

Hopefully this helps you find some new favourite pieces!

Love, and do as you will.

I’m currently reading another book by Brennan Manning, my third of his in a row. He just has a super refreshing perspective on faith. I would love to copy out the entire the last chapter I read in The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus and put it in this blog post but instead I’ll just say you should read the book and post a summary of a list he created.

I’ll start with this excerpt to give the theme of this chapter.

“Christianity is not an ethical code. It is a love affair, a Spirit-filled way of living aimed at making us professional lovers of God and people. To continue to eye God primarily in terms of laws, obligations and town ordinances represents a retreat to a pre-Christian level of thought and a rejection of Jesus Christ and the total sufficiency of His redeeming work.
As church history abundantly proves, one-sided emphasis on the courthouse has domesticated Christian freedom, “Churchified” Jesus, distorted the Gospel into a dull, drab affair made a mirage of the freedom and glory of the children of God. The call of freedom is changed into the call of a religious party…. Ghandi once said, “I like your Christ but I don’t like your Christians… They are so unlike your Christ.”… Unless and until we have pioneers who respond to the call of freedom, who live by inner dynamism of the Spirit, human torches aglow with the fire of love for Christ, the Christianity of the courthouse will remain a musty antique from a medieval past.”

Side note…
Last week we watched the new Michael Moore doc “Fahrenheit 11/9” (no I don’t mean 9/11) of course the whole thing is to be taken with a grain of salt, but the one thing that really bothered me, and actually kept me up at night was the way that Christianity is connected to certain values and people and the impression it has left on generations of people. It made me sick. Not that I don’t hear and see this perspective on the regular it just left a stronger impression on me last week.

This chapter “Freedom under the word” really helped put my feelings into words on that subject.

Anyway, the reason I started writing this post was to share this list. Inspired by Jesus farewell address “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Here is a summary of some requirements of love that he lists to question yourself on:
1. Have I failed to take the initiative in working for Social Justice on a local level?
2. Had habitual contempt for others: less educated people, people of different ethic, racial, economic or religious groups?
3. Dismissed senior citizens as medieval? Never tried to make them feel their worth as persons?
4. In any way stifled the personal development of another? (My own note here… I think this is something women have to try extra hard not to do. We have to be so intentional to encourage the personal develop of each other.)
5. Sought to be respected without respecting others?
6. Often kept others waiting?
7. Carelessly forgotten or not kept a date?
8. Been difficult for others to reach or too busy to put myself at their disposal?
9. Not paid attention to the person speaking?
10. Kept silent when I should have spoken out?
11. Responded only to those whose friendship might prove profitable?
12. Blackened the character of anyone by harmful remarks, false or true?
13. Betrayed a trust, violated a confidence, involved myself in others’ affairs through indiscreet words and actions?

“Once and for all, I give you this one short command: love, and do what you will. If you hold your peace, hold your peace out of love. If you cry out, cry out in love. If you correct someone, correct them out of love. If you spare them, spare them out of love. Let the root of love be in you: nothing can spring from it but good. – St. Augustine

Christmas Traditions

We like to go pretty full on with Christmas in our house. Some years I could take or leave the decorations, movies, and outings. But not David, he looks forward to it all year. Now that Poppy is old enough to be making memories too it’s extra fun.

As an ambassador for IRIS they asked me to share some Christmas memories so I figured it would be fun to go back through our Christmas cards since Poppy has been around and share with you my favourite Christmas movies & playlist!

If you follow along on facebook or Instagram stories IRIS is doing Christmas advent giveaways and sharing tips & recipes for the holidays. So if you need last minute inspiration go take a look!


Okay, let’s talk Christmas movies! I’m a little embarrassed by how many we’ve watched this year. But here’s my must watch list:

  • The Family Stone – This one is my favourite, I save it for Christmas Eve every year.
  • The Holiday – This is always our season opener.
  • Love Actually
  • The Family Man
  • It’s a Wonderful Life – #sobfest
  • Home Alone – Such a classic. Poppy watched it with us this year and loved it!
  • Elf – Duh…
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – “Merry Christmas. Sh*tter was full!”

Here is a link to my Christmas playlist on Spotify, it pretty just gets played on repeat for 25 days.



Cold & Flu Season Remedies

Once you have kids in the house cold & flu season is on a whole new level. When the little ones suffer, we alllllll suffer. Obviously, there are ways to prevent the flu but with kids, it does become a bit more difficult. Of course, encouraging them to wash their hands or even wearing a Surgical Mask, especially if you have an underlying health issue that will make flu symptoms more severe, is a good preventative method. But our kids are mixing with other children all the time, so sometimes there is just no way to avoid it. So, this time of year is when I am geared up and ready for when we just can’t avoid those germs going around. During the day, their sickness is pretty manageable but at night it seems to really bother my kids.I feel like I’m in and out of their bedrooms trying every trick to make them more comfortable so that they can stay asleep.

The first things I do to help with the congestion is keep their heads propped up with extra pillows to help their noses drain, and I turn on a cool air humidifier to help break up the mucus and keep it flowing. There are lots of humidifiers like the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier so the one you get depends on what your budget and requirements are. For example, humidifiers like the Ultrasonic allow you to diffuse essential oils while others don’t. At the end of the day, it’s up to what you want from it. Humidifiers are especially helpful when they aren’t old enough to properly blow their nose, but regardless of age humidifiers really help with sinus health and relief from congestion & coughs and even when you’re not sick they can prevent dry skin & viruses when it’s cold out (they can also help with snoring!).

We have the Vicks Humidifier and the Vicks® Warm Steam Vapourizer because depending on your sickness, sometimes you want cold, and sometimes warm air is more soothing. The benefits of each humidifier are the same – selecting one is just personal preference. With the Vicks brand humidifiers, you can also use Vicks VapoPads® in them to release soothing menthol vapours all night (similar to the rub you would put on your chest).

The next thing that is essential with little kids is a good thermometer. I’ve actually given Braun thermometers as gifts at baby showers because it’s something that as soon as you are worried your baby might be sick you want to have a good accurate thermometer at hand.

Here, I’m using the Braun ThermoScan®7, which is great because the tip on the ThermoScan® is warmed before use, which ensures professional accuracy. You also select the child’s age before taking their temperature, as cause for concern can vary depending on the age of your child – for example, a normal temperature for a 4-year old can actually be a fever in a newborn. The thermometer reading has a colour-coded indicator: Green means your child’s temperature is normal, yellow means that it’s elevated and red means that it’s high. This will help parents who are unsure if they should bring their child to see the doctor.

This post is sponsored by Vick’s Humidifiers and Braun Thermometers, but all opinions are my own.


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