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My Hair

Before you take this (or any hair colour/cut) to your hair dresser and ask for the same thing remember that styles look very difference depending on the person. As a past hair stylist I feel the need to remind you of that 😉

Pictures are super helpful when explaining what you want so I’ve added some close ups of the colour here.

The general idea of my hair is a balayage – Level 7 at the roots and 10 at the ends, lots of focus around the face. Some blonder pieces thrown in there to add dimension. The full head is coloured (as opposed to a half head which leaves out the underneath layers of your hair.

Olaplex shampoo & conditioner (shown below) was suggested to me since I have quiet fragile hair, so going blonde is a dangerous idea but this has really been helping keep the integrity of my hair, highly recommend! Although all the credit needs to go to the kick ass stylist that gave my ends tender love and care during the lightening process.

When styling my hair is use a 1 inch curling iron (exact one linked below) and will sometimes flat iron over the ends. I’ve also added links to some favourite styling products.

A few playlists for you

Relaxed Worship – This first one is chill. I listen to it when I’m driving alone or I’ll light candles and do a little stretching (I like to call it yoga, but I’m just making up the moves, so let’s stick with stretching).

Kitchen Jams – This one is a staple for cooking with a glass-o-vino. Also good for during dinner, nothing to crazy in here.

Smooth – This one pairs well with a cocktail pre or post dinner, sitting by the fire…

Shopping for glasses with IRIS

I think people have the idea that going to a professional to buy glasses is going to be really expensive, I talked to IRIS about this and they said that it definitely doesn’t have to be expensive.

The benefit to going in to see a professional when getting glasses is that they will always make sure you have the correct quality lenses in front of your eyes so you can have the best vision possible.

I actually didn’t think I even needed glasses, but after my eye exam they set me up with glasses to use while I work on the computer and before wearing them I didn’t even realize it could be so much clearer.

IRIS will work within budgets too, you can let them know what you want to spend and they’ll will give you suggestions based on that. Which is nice, it’s easy to feel like you just have to suck up whatever cost you’re quoted at appointments like that, but they don’t mind working with you when it comes to cost.

I went into IRIS this week to try on frames, which I love by the way, it’s so fun to try the different shapes on your face. I always have to bring David or a friend with me to get their opinion too. You can look here to see all the Canadian locations (everyone is seriously so helpful in there).

The other thing I like about going in to see a professional vs. buying glasses online is that even though I might like a cute pair on my face it isn’t always necessarily the correct fit. Which is easy to ignore at the time but gets super annoying when you’re wearing your glasses and they don’t sit right on your face or they are always sliding down.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It’s baby shower season! I’m a sucker for giving gifts, eating cake, and playing silly games. Since we’re done having babies I’ve been able to gift some of the kids’ newborn items to friends which is so special. But I also know some of the items that you NEED as a new mom. The cute things are so fun to buy but as an experienced mom, I’ve got to share some of the essentials. As a soon-to-be mum, it can seem the list of essentials you have is either too little or too long. If you’re unsure on whether your list is correct or not, click here to find tips on the items you need for preparation. Additionally, I’ve teamed up with Braun & Vicks to show you these two products by them that I would genuinely recommend along with some other favourites that can help you to save some money.

I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve used the Braun ThermoScan 7 on the kids over the years (let alone in one night when they were newborns haha). This thermometer is great for decoding a fever as it offers Braun’s Age Precision technology – you can select your child’s age, take their temperature and the colour-coded display will provide a reading based on their age. A normal temperature in a four-year old can be a fever in a newborn, so this feature will help ease the minds of anxious new parents. Highly recommend putting a Braun ThermoScan 7 Thermometer on your registry!

The Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier saves us every time the kids (or us) have a cold. It’s really helpful when they are stuffed up and you feel like there is nothing you can do for them, you can at least set this up near their crib to help keep everything flowing when they are sick, and can also run it year-long to help restore moisture to a nursery even when they are in good health. It’s also filter-free, so the parents you gift it to won’t need to purchase replacement filters down the line.

Along with those two products here is a list of items I would say are the best gifts you can give a new mom:

-Wrap and/or sling carrier
-Compact play yard
-Sleeping sac with a zipper
-Reusable Breast Pads
-Car backseat mirror
-All natural baby soaps and lotions
-Baby safe sheepskin
-White noise machine
-Video monitor
-Nasal Aspirator
-Homeopathic colic/teething tablets
-Activity Mat

For more information or to purchase the sponsored products mentioned, click HERE for the Braun Thermoscan® 7 thermometer and HERE for the Vicks Cool Mist humidifier.

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