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Back-to-school eye exam

Little miss Poppy literally skipping her way to her after school eye exam at IRIS. She loves going into IRIS so she can try on frames, and she rocked her exam! We always book her annual exam for September because it feels like a good back-to-school routine. And you guys, kids eye exams are free! My sister actually asked me “why should I take my kids to get exams??” So I told her A. because it’s free 😉 and B. (more importantly) because especially when they are entering school you want to make sure they aren’t having any vision troubles, because if they are they likely wouldn’t really know to tell you.

Turns out Poppy is a little far sighted but not enough for glasses. Very disappointing for her 😉 she begged me for a pair anyway! There are lots of IRIS locations in Canada you can call to book an eye exam for your kids! 

Simple cute bathroom

I’ve been pinning like crazy for decor recently, and I didn’t realize how cute all of the Urban Outfitters bathroom stuff is (this is not sponsored 😉 – just cute!). So I assembled a little dream bathroom and added the links to everything below.

Sustainable Back-to-School

Here is a list of picks I made for back to school items based on suggestions and my own searching online, and all these brands are sustainable in some way! So now you have no reason to buy a big ol’ box of ziplocks & plastic wrap for the school year. I find the easiest way to not use it is no even own it… I promise you’ll adjust.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle.

Okay, so you may have seen the Nordstrom sale hype around social media already but I’m going to tell a couple of reasons why I actually really love this Anniversary Sale… They don’t just put old stock on sale, there are also lots of new arrivals. I went in store to shop on the first day of the sale so I was anticipating chaos but everyone working there was still so helpful! Also, everything can be returned! I always feel so much pressure when sales are final, I need to be able to try it on at home with my own accessories before fully committing. If you’re shopping online then free shipping and free returns (or curbside pickup, helloooo.) 

I went mostly for activewear because I something that I don’t buy often since it usually more expensive but, realistically, out of all my clothes I probably wear my yoga pants the most often ;). I also came home with a couple other items that I’ll link for you.

First up, These yoga pants are also by Zella and they are nice and thick (my undie lines thank you, Zella). I like that they are a true highhhhh rise because I don’t like my belly button sticking out. And seriously such a good price! Here is a link to the crop pair that I was torn between. 

Next, high neckline sports bras. I think the cut is super flattering. I usually look for sports bras where there is a tight bottom to the bra underneath the layer that you see, so the top layer is sitting on top and longer than the bra. The reason I love that is because then it still holds you tight without making squeezed skin line on the top of your tummy.  

I also linked a Halogen Cardigan and Natori Bra I bought. I got the cardigan in light grey, it’s so soft! This Natori bra is the first “real bra” I’ve bought in a long time (I always wear bralettes!) I got it in nude and it’s been really comfy. The other sweater by Thread & Supply that I linked below is the softest thing you’ll ever feel, it would be perfect for running errands and going for walks in the fall (the pockets connect, so cozy). The sale lasts through August 4th and then the prices go back up! If you want to shop the sale early next year, make sure to sign up for a Nordstrom credit card and receive exclusive perks, like Early Access to the Anniversary Sale and more! 

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