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A Valentine….

Surprise!!! We are celebrating one more Valentine to love on this year! Menzel Baby #2 is Due August 20th 2015. We are so so excited to be growing our family and having a little sibling for Poppy Darling. 

Thanks to my bff Kir for taking these fun photos with us! 

Painting with Poppy

A friend of mine had the idea to have her 1 year old paint a piece of paper and then cut it into Thank You cards after her first birthday. I thought that it was such a sweet idea so tonight I put Poppy in the bathtub with paint brushes and let her go for it (I made her keep her soother in her mouth to distract eating it all). It was really fun to watch her, she loved it, and then we rinsed off in a colourful shower after. 

^ I love this one! Just an artist looking at her work. 

^ “Oh hey, these paint brushes would fit perfectly in this drain!” 

Threads :: Solly Baby Style

My Solly is my favourite wrap for baby wearing. I used to eye these pretty wraps before I was even pregnant, and now have fallen in love with it. We have gotten tons of use out of it since poppy was a newborn, and still use it at one year old. 

Last week I did a style post on the Solly Baby Blog, you can see the full look over there. 

Photos my dear friend Elissa Crowe Photography

Poppy Darling’s Heidi Themed First Birthday

Last weekend we had Poppy’s first birthday party! It was a Heidi inspired Alps themed party filled with lots of pink, greenery, flowers, mountain goats, mountains, and lots of people that love her. We had her grandparents, great grandparents, aunts & uncles, 1 cousin, and our close friends that we call “aunts & uncles”. She is a very lucky girl to have so many amazing people to look up to in her life, we are so thankful for them all. 

How awesome is this handmade Pinata from Etsy Shop owner, Katie Franklin. She made this fun pinata in custom colours for the party, as well as all the confetti you see on the tables. We ended up using it as a table decoration (since there were only 1 years old at the party and my husband said that I wasn’t allowed force the adults to scramble for candy) but it was all set up to the filled & hung. Not that I could smash that pretty thing anyway, it’s hanging in Poppy’s nursery now. 

I made lots of treats for the day, whichI have so much fun doing! I like to start a few weeks and advance and put them in the freezer so that i’m not working my buns off the days before. I made shortbread, chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, buttercake, popcorn, and my sister made the chocolate pretzels. It was a sugar filled day… and days to follow. 

Poppy really had no idea what to do with her cake. She’s not one that gets super excited about food so I knew that she would probably just stare at it, it was cute. 

^ a couple Instagram photos from my friend @gillianstevens

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