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Expecting Style Series :: 19 Weeks

Still not an obvious bumb showing itself under my usual baggy tees. If I wear a tight dress it’s definitely there but I am still cruising through the awkward bloated looking phase a bit. None of my pants will button up any longer, and I’m even starting to push it doing the elastic band trick. But one of my favourite spring looks in shorts & sweaters, and with shorts you can get away with not doing them up at all and just rolling down the waist. I always like that relaxed beachy look and I think that it’s also cute when you have a bigger bump resting on top.  

Now let’s talk about this beautiful bag that I am madly in love with. Nena & Co carries gorgeous handmade Guatemalan bags in tons of different patterns and sizes. This Lucia carryall is perfect for me because I pretty much only use bags that can double as a diaper bag. There is tons of space inside which is good because I was needing an upgrade now that poppy older and I need to carry more stuff around with me.  

Head over to my Instagram to enter to win a Nena & Co bag of your own. Giveaway ends Monday, March 30. 

On Bethany
Sweater: Free People
Bag: Nena & Co
Top: H&M (Similar one here)
Shorts: Thrifted mom jeans I hacked at. (Similar ones here)
Shoes: Nordstrom (similar ones here

On Poppy
Dress: Joe Fresh (No longer available)
Shoes: Gracious May
Soother Clip: Loved by Sophia Claire

Instagram Dissapearance

For those wondering where the heck my Instagram went, I wish I knew!! I tried to sign in yesterday and it says “This account has been deleted.” :O Not sure if my account was hacked, I also know this can happen to moms who post naked photos of their kids, so I don’t know if it is because I posted this photo of Poppy yesterday. But I didn’t receive any warning email about being reported. So I’m trying to communicate with them to find out what happened, but lets hope I’ll be back soon! Anyone else experienced this? 

Be Happy, My Baby.

I’m so glad that so many loved the Good Morning + Good Night printables, it’s been really fun to see how have been using them in your homes through Instagram (if you printed them, tag me so I can see! @bethanymenzel). I have had a lot of followers ask where I got the Be Happy My Baby prints and the funny thing I just made these myself by cutting out letters and glueing them to posterboard. This was before I knew how simple it was to go get engineer prints done which I talked about in the last printables post. Someone emailed me last week asking if I could do up a printable for the Be Happy My Baby posters, so here you go. I’m happy to let you download these for free, All I ask is that you please give proper credit back to bethanymenzel.com when you share it!

Download Be Happy Poster here
Download My Baby Poster here

Tip for printing poster size: At Staples you can get Engineer Prints rather than an actual “Poster” if you are just printing in black & white and they are only about $4 for a 24 X 36 print (smaller sizes are also available).

*These files will be good quality to print any size up to 24″ X 36″

Threads :: Expecting Style Series :: 17 Weeks

I wanted to start a maternity style series this time around because when I’m pregnant I often look through Pinterest for some new outfit inspiration, so I thought I would contribute to that endless scrolling of ideas. 

I am at the 17 weeks mark and still rocking a very discreet bump. It takes me quite a while to show, I thought it might be faster my second time around but apparently they really like to tuck themselves in there. I find that this can be one of the hardest stages to dress for. You don’t have a bump that you can just show off under a bodycon or shift dress yet, it’s that awkward time when strangers think that poor girl ate too many Cajun Chicken Sandwiches at lunch (Man, I really shouldn’t have brought that up… Now I need one). So you’re stuck in between your clothes not fitting right and no having a real bump to flaunt…

This is when I usually opt for Maternity jeans, or leggings and flowy tops. Last pregnancy I didn’t buy maternity jeans and I have no idea why! They are the greatest thing, waistbands suck! I was so excited when I found cute ones on PinkBlush Maternity (because there are some badddd maternity clothes out in this world). They fit my legs perfectly and having a big elastic band that stretches right up over my tummy = comfort to the max! This tank is also great because it’s flowy enough that it hides my awkward bump for now but will have enough room & length to grow with me so I can wear it until I’m a big waddling watermelon. Now, this dreamy kimono. I’m a sucker for kimonos and this one is perfection. It will be great to have throughout pregnancy because once I start looking a little more pregnant I don’t mind having something to cover up those growing love handles & expanding booty. 

Tank: PinkBlush Maternity
Kimono: PinkBlush Maternity
Jeans: PinkBlush Maternity
Sunglasses: Aliexpress
Boots: Vintage
Bag: Michael Kors
Cuff: 2bandits

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