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An hour in the life of Poppy

An hour in the life of a 20 month old is very busy. Lots to do, lots to see. Today I thought I would document 3:00-4:00pm with little Poppy. 

After her nap and lunch she decided it was time to give baby a ride on the pig, complete with a lot of pig sound effects, hence the face. After that, a very serious “night night” happened for the two of them. 

We then decided it was time to head out to the beach while the sun was still up. As we slowly made our way to the car she stopped to say hi to Sid. 

But, then he kissed her and that really sucked apparently.. 

Oh, look, a “Weeeeeeeeee!” aka longboard. Went for a quick ride on that, but it got too scary pretty fast. 

And then Sid touched her again…. jerk. 


Poor Sid. He meant well. 

But then she spotted my bag and recovered from the traumatic experience by taking 50 photos of her feet. 

Now we’ve made our way to the beach! But, between our house and the beach is a delicious french bakery which Poppy does not forget the oh so convenient location of. “BREAAADDDDDDD!” “PPPEEEEEEEAASSEEEE!”

Finally we’re at the beach and “Runnniinnnngggg!” Threw some rocks in the water, collected some in her pockets… 

Then remembered she still had bread in the car, said hi to everyone on the path and headed home. 

Weekly Menu – October

(yes… I have the printing of a 14 year old.)

Menu planning is something I have always tried to do weekly. When I don’t menu plan I feel like our eating is so unorganized, unhealthy, and more expensive. I love to know what other people are planning for meals when my creativity is running dry so I figured that I would share my weekly menu plans to help inspire some meals for you as well. 

We don’t eat a lot of meat. We used to eat strictly vegan, but since I crave chicken burgers like none other when I’m pregnant I am a more casual vegan now. We eat animal products every once and a while but generally have a plant based diet. (I know that a meatless dinner doesn’t fly with a lot of husbands – But I would definitely recommend the Oh She Glows cookbook if you’re trying to ease out meat because most meals I make from there David or company can barely tell its vegan.)

I also try to plan my meals based on similar ingredients so that I’m not buy excess, and can use the left overs in the next meal. 

I usually only plan 4 meals, because we always end up eating out/ordering in or going to someones house. So, here is whats on the menu for this week:

Crockpot Tortilla SoupTopped with Avocado, Cilantro & Corn Chips.

-I put this in the crockpot last week we had it for one dinner, and a few days of lunches and I put half of it into the freezer. Super easy, basically just dumping a bunch of cans into the crockpot. 

Homemade Yam Fries with Siracha Mayo & True Food Kale Salad  

-We are obsessed… We eat this salad recipe at least 4 times a week. This is definitely a lighter meal. Some nights we eat lighter meals and then have snacks later while we play board games: popcorn, apples & caramel dip (This salted caramel sauce is da bomb), frozen cookie dough (seriously do yourself a favour and make these tonight). 
-Siracha Mayo: Mix Mayo, Siracha & Ketchup to taste. mmm. 

Vegan Chickpea Chana Masala  

-Super quick & easy. From my favourite cookbook Oh She Glows

Portobello Fajitas

-Also from Oh She Glows.

Chia Seed Parfaits – Topped with Raspberries & Granola

-My favourite breakfast! I’m totally content eating the same thing for breakfast all week. I make enough to fill 7 or 8 jars layering chia with frozen raspberries on top and then just keep them in the fridge ready to go and wait to add granola before eating. 

*This weekly menu planner was apart of a Mommy Mailbox parcel I received. It is made by Jack and Ella Paper.  

Fall Style

I’m getting back into the routine of things these days now that summer has come to an end. Getting back to blogging & working has been refreshing and means that I get to start collaborating again with some of my favourite brands. 

At the start of a season I am usually eyeing up something new for my wardrobe and this Fall I have been “need” of some new boots to face our wet months here in Vancouver. When Teva showed me their fall collection I was so excited to add these boots that I can wear with majority of my wardrobe to my fall essentials. 

Most days I will pick a boot with a heel so I love the Foxys (check out the style guide to see all styles). When I was wearing mine today I actually had to lift my foot up and look at the bottom to remember if I was wearing a heel or not… From my experience with heels, thats a pretty good sign of comfort. 

Here are the two ways I styled by Teva boots for a Fall transition look. 

Look 1

Boots – Teva
Sweater – BCBG
Slip Dress – Citizen Grace
Bracelet – The Peach Box

Look 2

Boots – Teva
Scarf – Jackson Rowe
Shorts – Gap
Sweater – Thrifted


This behind the scenes photo was too good not to add. Poppy was hanging out while we did the photos and decided to grab my phone and ask for the Camera app (clarifying that she wanted the front facing camera on – WHAT?! she’s 20 months…) then stood beside David and proceeded to snap photos while he did. #bloggerinthemaking #scary 

Fall Update

Well it is officially Fall over here. It feels like fall, smells like Fall, and looks like Fall. I have always had a hard time with the change of seasons in September because my heart belongs to Summer (hence my #puckyouseptember I use on Instagram annually). I live for warm days, late sunsets, and nights on the patio. But this year I’m trying my best to embrace it and stop complaining about the dark days, early sunsets and colder, wetter weather. There are good things about it (I’m told) cozy sweaters, fires indoors, warm drinks…. pale skin, fading freckles, my house always smelling like wet dog… 😉 

This morning we took a very early drive through the mountains to visit David’s family about 3.5 hours away (or 4 if your Starbucks barista moves at a glacial pace). It was beautiful. All the trees are bright yellow, the sun was glowing in the fog, and crisp cold air felt really good. Nature really is so beautiful this time of year. I always think of the Regina Spektor lyrics “Leaves become most beautiful when their about to die.” 

Lately I have taken up a new interest in reading. It has never been my cup of tea, but, this summer I have grown to finally enjoy it. We took a summer off from TV and it has been really nice – forcing us to do more “productive” things for entertainment – board games, reading, writing… talking.

A friend of mine gave me this book Through The Eyes of a Lion after Goldie passed. It is written by a young pastor, Levi Lusko, a dad of 4 girls. It’s the story of his daughter, Lenya’s, life being taken through an asthma attack 2 days before Christmas. He talks about using pain as a microphone, his journey of grieving and how God’s power moved in his life.  I also started following him & his wife on Instagram which makes me feel so much connected to the story. It’s extremely topical for us right now so of course I’m enjoying it, but, I would definitely recommend it especially if you have been through loss.

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