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Morning Hike + Albion Fit Giveaway

A year ago if you asked me to go for a hike a would have laughed in your face, walking up the stairs was enough cardio for me. But in the past few months I have grown a true love for being outside, hiking, and the reward of these incredible views. 

This week my friend, Adrienne, and I headed out to hike Quarry Rock on what ended up being one of the most beautiful days all month. It was sunny and crisp and the view of North Vancouver was totally worth each set of those stairs with a toddler on my chest. We hung out at the top for a while enjoying the view, snacks, and dreaming about an ocean front property.  At the bottom of the hike their is (oh so conveniently) a donut shop, and a few boutiques which we wandered through with our legs constantly shaking. 

My past not so active lifestyle results in me lacking activewear and usually end up hiking in skinny jeans & a leather jacket. So I’m excited to be teaming up with Albion Fit to make myself look like I fit in 😉 Their activewear is really comfy, soft, and they have a lot of cute colours & patterns in adult & kids sizes. We are giving away a $100 gift card to their online shop, details below! 

On Bethany: 
Go Long Crew with thumbholes in Ivory
Sweet Stripe Leggings

On Poppy:
Mini Signature Hoodie in Ballet Pink

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Used promo code bethanyxalbion15 to receive 15% off shopping until December 6th.
Winner is Taylor Schultz!

To enter in the Albion Fit Giveaway:
-Visit albionfit.com
-Comment below listing a favourite item from the shop, your name and email address
Winner will be announced Tuesday, November 24th

Just call us Slash & Axel

My friend, Gillian, and I have known each other since middle school. We used to live on the same street and would bike to each others houses after school. So many fun memories from high school making silly videos late at night (wow, blast from the finding that video – I remember Nylon posting it on their blog & Myspace and we freaked!).

Now were both “adulting” and try to still get together often. A couple weeks ago Gill headed out to my neck of the woods for an afternoon hang. We went to the beach, she got a crappy iced tea, we through rocks in the water with Poppy, and then we went home and she helped me get my halloween costume together (felt like grade 11 all over again when we went as Slash & Axel Rose). While at the beach she snapped some photos and they are some of my favourites of me and Poppy. We spend so much time together in this spot, they will also be a precious keepsake of these memories to me. 

I gave Poppy a disposable “AMRA!” she looovvveesss it. Needs to bring it everywhere we go. Asks me all the time to go and get it to take a photo of her moping the floors, holding her doll, sitting in a frying pan… “Chhheeeesseeee!” There are going to be so many blurry photos of her feet and her thumb when I develop this roll. 

Check out Gillian’s Photography here. 

NYC Baby

David and I spent the past week in New York. He had a show there with one of my favourite bands from my teen years and still now, Copeland. It was so much fun to be there to watch David perform on the same stage as them at The Gramercy Theatre (not going to lie, 13 year old me was dying inside.)

On the days off we spent some time venturing around the city. We stayed in Red Hook Brooklyn at an Airbnb. Tried out good restaurants & cafes, strolled through a few shops and one of my favourite things we did was a long walk along the water through brooklyn late at night, looking over the water at bright Manhattan. 

New york is an awesome city and we had a lot of fun. Too much fun to pull out my camera apparently because I didn’t take one photo not on my phone the entire time. When I’m enjoying my time pulling out my camera just seems to disrupt it sometimes. There are so many cool places to go and see, but I think New York might be a little overwhelming for me! Small doses is best. 

I haven’t left Poppy before for this long, or gone this far away from her. It was really hard for me. I was pretty emotional both flights there and during our days. I am a lot more sensitive to that type of situation since everything that we went through this summer, It just taps into a lot of feeling of being out of control and distant. Although we did a lot of things we couldn’t with her; long meals out, and going for drinks long past her bedtime, which is nice to do as a couple again. I still realized that I’m not really ready to go away from Poppy, and thats okay with me. She’s still little, our wounds are still fresh, I’m happiest when we are together. 

Here is a list of some of our favourite places we went to: 

Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar – This was such a nice place to go at the end of the end and look over the city with friends and enjoy a very expensive cocktail. 
Bakeri – This was a very tiny cafe/bakery that David and I went to for coffee and baguettes one morning. I don’t know much about coffee, but this was the best latte I’ve ever had. 
Roberta’s – A pizza joint that many of people had recommended to me, the pizza was delicioussss and it was a cool atmosphere. Despite our Uber driver playing disturbingly obscene music way too loud, it was a good time 😉 
Caracas Arepa Bar – This place was fun, grungy (in a cool rustic, $1 shots of rum type of way) Never head of an Arepa in my life but it was delicious! I would definitely recommend this place for just a chill fun night. 

Tacombi Fonda Nolita – A really cool taco place. Yummy authentic street stye tacos, a great environment, and I loved the area. Lots of boutique shopping around there. 
The Butchers Daughter – This was another place that was recommended to me several times. Loved the decor and vegetarian menu options, very instagram looking 😉 It was a good place to to refuel when you start to lose fuel while walking around between meal times. We just sat and shared some kale chips & fresh juices. 
-Shake Shack – Duh. Madison Square Park location. 
-Stumptown Coffee – A really nice location in Greenwich Village. Went and sat at the fountain in the park and sipped our lattes, love that area. 
-Jack’s Wife Freda – All we had here was a beer. But it was a very cute restaurant in Soho. 
-Dough – Amazing doughnuts! Big, fluffy, great flavours. A must. 

The long walk we took along the water was on our last night after we ate at Caracas Arepa Bar we walked home along the water from Dumbo in Brooklyn (a really nice area! right by Jane’s Carousel) towards Red Hook. I would definitely do that again, and maybe rent a citibike. It was so pretty, and because it was late at night we were the only ones out there. The highlight of our trip for sure! 

Thank you so much everyone, for all of your recommendations, We loved all of them! 

Pumpkin Banana Loaf

I wanted to make something pumpkin before pumpkin season was over! I know American thanksgiving still hasn’t happened, but around here as soon as we’re in November I’m usually over all of the pumpkin stuff. 

When I bake treats I try my best to make recipes as healthy as I can (without it tasting like cardboard) for myself and mostly so I don’t feel bad letting Poppy devour it. I used this recipe here, and just left out the brown sugar, chocolate chips, and used whole wheat flour instead. 

They are delish and super moist! I doubled the recipe and baked it in a bundt pan instead of a loaf pan for the same amount of cooking time. Enjoy! Next up to make some pumpkin spice lattes

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