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Poppy Foods

My last Poppy Foods post was about a year ago, so I figured it was about time to whip one out again! Poppy is almost two, and to be honest a pretty picky eater. Meal time is a bit of a mind game, one day she loves something next day she in hysterics at the sight of it. We’re working on it… 

But there are her staples that I know will always go over well with her. A typical Menu would look like: 
– Plain Yogurt with Frozen Blueberries, Coconut flakes and Sunflower Seeds.
– Toast & Oranges
– Oatmeal with Yogurt & bananas

-Hummus with Crackers & Veggies – cucumbers & bell peppers are her favourites. 
-Rice Cake with Hummus or Avocado or Sunflower Butter
-Cheese & Frozen Peas

-Whole Wheat Pasta with Organic (sugar free) Tomato Sauce
-Homemade Baked Yam Fries
Sometimes Scrambled Eggs
Sometimes Quinoa

Poppy usually requests to listen to record while she eats. Lately it’s always Julie Andrew’s Christmas because she thinks the photo on the cover looks like Auntie Megan. But this week we got the vinyl of David’s band’s new record so I knew she would be so excited when she heard it come on because she knows that it’s Dada, “Uncle” Cayne (nayne) & “Uncle” Andrew (NaNu). 

This was her reaction when I turned it on, lol. She’s yelling “Neigh!” because their music video has a horse in it. 

It’s the middle of winter but she’s really into wearing her ballerina swimsuit 24/7 right now. 

What do you feed your toddler? 
Any success in fixing a picky eater? 

California :: Part Two

We only had one full day to spend in California so we decided to stay in a location where we wouldn’t need to spend time taking cabs to and from the beach & restaurants. We decided to stay in Venice at Hotel Erwin. It was in such a prime location, couldn’t be closer to the beach or the action. Lot’s to do around there and lots of cafe’s and restaurants. Also in walking distance to Abbot-Kinney, which unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to explore since it was thanksgiving and majority of shops were closed. 

Hotel Erwin was very cool, modern, and beachy. We stayed in a King Suite which was perfect with Poppy. She was able to have her own bedroom, making it so much easier for naps & bedtime no needing to have adult hallway hangouts at 7:00pm. It also had a kitchenette so it was easy to feed Poppy in the room instead of heading out with a hangry toddler. 

As you can see she is feeling quite at home here. 

David and I hung out on the patio looking at the beach drinking our Coronas during nap time, perfect! 

Little grump waking up from nap time…

Nothing a little cuddles can’t cure. 

We loved being about to walk out of the hotel to the center of Venice. We loved our vegan Taco’s from Seed Kitchen, and yummy lattes from the very cool Menotti’s

Poppy just playing it casual, trying to fit in with the coffee crowd. 

It was such an awesome quick trip, hoping we have the chance to come back to visit soon! 

Christmas Gift Guide

For Him – A Daniel Wellington watch is a great staple gift that you most likely wont go wrong with. They are classy & trendy great for her also. David I both wear ours regularly for casual or dressy. Shop Here.
Use the code BethanyDW for %15 off from now until January 15th

For Her – A Saje Nebulizer, one of my favourite things I own. I use the all day everyday to diffuse essential oils in our house. I have one in our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Everyone that walks in the house comments on how amazing it smells (which is shocking with a dog & baby). My favourite oils are refresh, citrus dream, tantra, and tree scents.  Shop Here

For Baby – We love our moccasins! Poppy is wearing Mocss all year long, and has been since she was 1 day old. They are still one of the few shoes that I can get to stay on. Minimoc has come out with a cozy warm collection (they are currently sold out – but I would recommend all of their cute styles). Shop Here

For Mama – This Native Wilds nest is a mama must have. It is a nursing cover, scarf, blanket, and grocery cart cover. Poppy isn’t nursing anymore but I still keep it in my purse all the time for when were shopping keeps her from touching all those germs in the grocery cart. Shop Here.
Use the code bethanysgiftguide for 15% off

California :: Part One

Last week Poppy & I went to visit David in California for a few days. His band has been touring the states for the past month with the wonderful Copeland and Eisley. So we decided to pop by for a quick hello to see their L.A. show and enjoy a day off (which Poppy totally surprised me by keeping it together way past her bedtime during the show and cheering at the end of each song). 

We were made for California… The warm beach, the sun, the palm trees, the chill atmosphere, Canada needs a california and then we could have the best of both worlds. After a trip to New York before this we can definitely confirm our hearts are in the West Coast, so beautiful. We spent most of our time hanging on the beach since it was Thanksgiving in America so a lot of the places on our list to visit were closed. But that ended up being perfectly chill. If we had more time we would have loved to have gone river rafting. We adore adventure sports and California is a great place to give american river rafting a go. Once Poppy is older I am sure she would love to hit the water with us!

This was the beach right in front of our hotel in Venice. Currently walking to the playground, Poppy’s favourite part of the trip obviously. 

We accidentally ended up walking along the canals and it was amazing! All of theses cool eclectic houses with their little docks on the canal just minutes from Venice Beach. We probably pointed out 50 different houses we want to live in.

Poppy loved watching people skateboarding and dancing along the promenade. “Weeee!” 

The water was a bit too cold to go for a swim, I was pretty determined but then everyone else in the water was wearing wetsuits so I felt a little intimidated 😉 But David couldn’t resist dunking his head in the salty water. 

Drawing Peppa Pig in the sand, by request of course. 

I took her too close and she got drenched by a wave and is now too scared to go close.. oops!

werk it. 

Waking around Santa Monica at Sunset was awesome. So pretty and lively. 

I had way too many photos that I loved to put them all into one post. I will publish a part two with the details of where we stayed, where we ate, etc. 

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