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Holiday Picks from Gap

So many pieces that I’m in love with at Gap this season, just look at that colour palette! Beautiful knits and so many great coats. I’ve linked some of my favourites that would be great for gifts (but let’s be real, I really mean for me). So use this collection I’ve created and take advantage of their Black Friday Sale! 11/26 only 24 hour Flash 40% off Everything sale using code YESPLEASE
Wool Beret  2. Car Coat 3. Cable-knit Sweater  4. Teddy Cocoon Jacket 5. Ribbed Beanie 6. Turtleneck 7. Wide-leg Crop Chinos 8. Plaid Shirt Jacket 9. Sherpa Belt Bag

Holiday Picks from Old Navy

Thank you Old Navy and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post

The Holiday’s are here!! How that happened so fast, I have no idea, but I’m embracing it! I’ve put together a few of my favourite pieces from Old Navy this season for each member of the family. They are mostly basics that could be worn in lots of different ways, which I tend to lean towards more so than statement pieces these days because I like the versatility. Also, I like Old Navy because their accessories like beanies, socks, tights, & undies are safe bets for stocking stuffers and they always have great return policies which makes it easier when shopping for gifts. Plus now through 11/22 you can beat the holiday rush and save an extra 40% off your purchase at Old Navy.

F O R   P O P P Y :  1. Check Swing Top, 2. Ballerina Jeggings, 3. Sherpa Coat

F O R   D A V I D : 4. Black Beanie, 5. Waffle Sweater, 6. Sherpa Plaid 

F O R   S K I P P E R : 7. Sherpa Plaid, 8. Beanie, 9. Slip-ons

F O R   M Y S E L F : 10. Slip Dress, 11. Sherpa Sweater, 12. Sherpa lined Jean Jacket

This post is in partnership with Old Navy & Shop Style Collective but all opinions are my own!

Back-to-school eye exam

Little miss Poppy literally skipping her way to her after school eye exam at IRIS. She loves going into IRIS so she can try on frames, and she rocked her exam! We always book her annual exam for September because it feels like a good back-to-school routine. And you guys, kids eye exams are free! My sister actually asked me “why should I take my kids to get exams??” So I told her A. because it’s free 😉 and B. (more importantly) because especially when they are entering school you want to make sure they aren’t having any vision troubles, because if they are they likely wouldn’t really know to tell you.

Turns out Poppy is a little far sighted but not enough for glasses. Very disappointing for her 😉 she begged me for a pair anyway! There are lots of IRIS locations in Canada you can call to book an eye exam for your kids! 

Simple cute bathroom

I’ve been pinning like crazy for decor recently, and I didn’t realize how cute all of the Urban Outfitters bathroom stuff is (this is not sponsored 😉 – just cute!). So I assembled a little dream bathroom and added the links to everything below.

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