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Threads :: Mommy + Me

Poppy and I’s outfits are both from a wonderful baby + mama boutique Murray & Finn – They carry so many cute brands for baby/toddler clothes and maternity/nursing.

This denim dress is so comfortable to pregnancy, and It’s nice and long which I need, all of my normal dresses are only suitable with jeans at this point. Also practical for after the baby comes with the buttons. When I had Poppy I was so excited to get back to wearing my normal clothes again but I didn’t anticipate how limited I would be with needing access to my chest 24/7. 

Not sure what I said here, but it was freaking hilarious. I wish I still would bend over in laughter about the simplest things… kids are the best. 

Pops got cold and stole my jacket, it’s definitely feeling like winter is coming around here these days. 

Chambray Dress – Legoe
Jacket – Forever 21 (Similar)

Vest – Rylee & Cru
Dress – TinyCottons

28 Weeks with Baby Boy

We have hit the third trimester and this boy is starting to take up more real estate inside of me. It feels like he is constantly moving around these days, hiccuping, and kickboxing with my bladder, he’s so low! 

With this being our third I feel so connected to him as a little person already. He already feels like my little baby we’re just separated by some stretching itchy skin between us, I can feel his head, poke his feet, and picture exactly what he looks like if they last two newborns were an indication.

We named him as soon as we found out the gender at 20 weeks, the name we’ve had since our first pregnancy which kind of makes it feel like I’ve always known/imagined that little boy. Mostly just because we had a name for him haha. So it feels like were really rounding our family out by adding this imaginary boy we always talked about before he existed. When we first found out at the 20 week ultrasound that it was (very obviously) a boy, We were shocked! David was hoping a little bit for a girl because he’s worried about a boy messing with his calm atmosphere, but he has been coming around more and more since then and getting excited about all the special things that go with having a son. 

I can’t say this pregnancy has been the easiest physically, it has kept me quite restricted in what I can handle. I haven’t been grocery shopping, going for walks, and avoid standing as much as possible. When you’re pregnant people always ask you first how are you feeling, and sometimes I get into it, a lot of the time “pretty good” is enough of a description. But it’s going so quickly and I know these last couple months will be the fasted of all.

David is definitely counting down the days until I’m back to normal Bethany. He’s really stepped up with what he takes on around the house and with Poppy which seriously means the world to me, seeing him empty the dishwasher and vacuum daily couldn’t make me love him more. I think he’s getting sick of hearing “can you grab that for me, If I stand up I’ll give birth”, “Sorry, but I need the whole couch to myself just for the first episode”, looking over at me sobbing every Survivor episode, and every other request that involves extra personal space. Last night we had friends over for dinner and we were talking about love languages, David said “Mine is definitely touch, but it’s starting to change since I don’t get that anymore.” haha, oops… We’re almost there baby, and then winneeee time! 

I’m wearing the jeans linked above, I just turned them into maternity jeans using a DIY like this

LA ++ The Orlando Hotel

David and I took a little vacation to LA last week, we spent 4 days sleeping in, eating meals that I didn’t prepare, laying by the pool, and driving to different beaches. We stayed in West Hollywood at The Orlando Hotel on West 3rd. Here is a little summary about our stay, what we did, and where we ate.  

The Orlando Hotel was in such a perfect location for our trip, we didn’t want to be right downtown but last time we came to LA we stayed ocean front so we wanted to mix it up. The hotel was so lovely, and the pool area was perfect for bronzing our fall skin a little bit. After breakfast David would hit the gym beside the pool and I would lay out and swim for a bit. 

The Churchill is a great restaurant located in The Orlando Hotel, you can go visit the trendy patio or order room service from their delicious menu all day. 

Also within steps of the hotel was Goldie’s (which we loved for obvious reasons!) but we also tried their fresh baked cookie ice cream sandwich, and melting chocolate dream. A couple doors down was our usual breakfast spot Kreation, serving cold pressed juices, acai bowls, and other yummy healthy breakfasts, although of course I still ordered the massive buttermilk pancakes, preggo needs her carbs! Across the street was D’amores pizza which was a great little pizza joint where we would head down to every single night after we had been in bed watching tv for a little snack. Other great spots in walking distance (or a quick Uber if you waddle slow like me) Joan’s on Third,  Verve Coffee, Gracias Madre – a really vegan Mexican restaurant, great food and awesome decor. 

David HAD to find great “street” tacos while we were there, someone on instagram suggested Tacos Tu Madre, and it was awesome! We had our uber driver pull over there on our way to Venice. In Venice we had dinner at Zinque, it was great, and a funny memory for us. There was a man sitting alone at the table across from us reading his book and as people left they were going to his table saying they were fans or asking for photos, so obviously we were painfully intrigued. So I told David to make a fool of us and when he leaves past our table call him over and ask him who he is or were going to go crazy. Anyway, we did, and he is a hockey player turned actor, Vladamir Kulich, and owns a white water rafting place near our home in Canada strangely. 

In Malibu we hit up the highly recommended Malibu Farm located on the pier and it did not disappoint. The restaurant is beautiful looks out on the water and the Nachos were SO good.  

I’ll share more of our time driving around Malibu and the PCH soon! 

Thank you so much to my pals, Local Wanderer, for always knowing the best places to go – basically everywhere on this list I stole from them. Also to everyone on Instagram for your recommendations, so helpful! There were lots of places we wish we could have visited but there’s only so much food even a preggo can eat! 

Threads ++ Chasing the Sun with IRIS

Oh that California sun, it does my Canadian bones & heart good. It was funny to see locals walking around in turtlenecks & jeans while it was still feeling like a Vancouver summer over there. But we felt no need to fit in, we will gladly be the tourists if it means we can pull our shorts out for one last time this year. 

Over the year I have been sharing some of my favourite styles of sunglasses from IRIS. This sleek pair is one of my favourites, the Prada Cinema. I love the gold bridge & sides with the thick black frames. Black & gold is forever my go to combo. 

Twenty Seven weeks with baby boy. 

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