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Christmas Gift Tag Free Printable

I lovvvee wrapping presents! Who doesn’t I suppose… I made a simple free printable for some gift tags to help inspire your wrapping. I’m also giving away one of these HP Printers over on my Instagram, so head on over there to enter! 

Download Tags Here 
For large tags print at 100% scale, for small tags print at 50% scale. 

Christmas Jammies

It wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without matching family Pajamas! David is in love with all things Christmassy but not until it’s actually December. So now that we’re “allowed” we’re all about being cozied up in PJs and watching Christmas movies in bed. I don’t when, where, or who started the Pajama tradition… but my family did it when I was a kid and it was always fun to all be matched Christmas Eve & morning, something I’ll definitely carry on with our kids. Also, so cute & cozy for a Christmas Card.

Old Navy has a large collection of family Pajamas in so many different colors & styles. I’m a sucker for buffalo check so I fell in love with this shirt dress for myself. Especially when I’m pregnant & nursing I find shirt dresses the most practical & comfy thing to wear. Links to everything we’re wearing below.

Photos once again by my dear friend Elissa Crowe Photography 

More snow! (and a 3 year old)

Yup, more snow photos… Early this morning I woke up and saw that our yard was completely covered in white again. When I opened Poppy’s blinds she exclaimed “It snowed, AGAIN!?” in this town we all get pretty excited about snow and post a lot of photos of it 😉 

Tonight is Poppy’s first night sleeping in her big girl bed, I just tucked her in and she looks sooo tiny in that “big” twin bed.  It’s so weird and great watching her turn into a big girl, tonight as we ready a story in bed her name was written in it and she pointed to each letter spelled out “P-O-P-P-Y”. After we closed her door we went into her old bedroom, the nursery which we’re now getting ready for baby boy, and it felt weird that we’re at the end of that being Poppy’s room. We were bracing ourselves for the feeling of going into her room the first night she’s moved out.

As Poppy nears 3 it’s fun to see her grow up but it’s also super challenging dealing with a 3 year old. She has a pretty good dose of attitude, and a strong will. We feel like we’re correcting or disciplining her over and over all day long. Whether it’s asking her to say the sentence again with “please” for the 1000th time, taking 15 minutes to walk out the door because she’s glaring me in the eyes instead of putting her shoes on, or enduring the tears of I don’t want to eat this for breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s exhausting, which of course any parent of a 3 year old knows. I just ordered the book No Drama Discipline for us to get some fresh perspective, if you have other suggestions of resources you enjoyed for this age feel free to share them 🙂 

Our dog, Sid, goes bonkers in the snow, he LOVES it. Leaping and sprinting all over the place and then choking up all the snow he shoved into his mouth while burying his face in it. 

David’s rain jacket is from NOAH Rainwear, I shared about this brand on Instagram a few weeks ago. We both have one of these jackets and they are awesome, so essential. NOAH makes 3 different colours of this unisex jackets and one of the creators is from here in Vancouver, Check out their site

Snowy Mountain

We got some snow here in Vancouver this week, which feels really strange. We’ve had such a warm & wet fall and early winter that I would not have expected it to drop down to freezing, but it’s been sitting around 0 all week and we’re supposed to get more snow for the weekend, so fun! Not so fun is that no one here (including me) knows how to drive in the snow so it turns to complete chaos. 

Poppy calls all snow “snowy mountain” because we went to Lake Louise a couple weeks ago and that was her first memorable experience with snow and it was in the mountains. Even though our house is SO cold with this weather, I’ll take it because the bright white yard and the sunshine is such a nice change from the dark grey down pouring rain we’ve had allllll fall. Seriously, in all of October & November there were 3 days without rain. THREE. Needless to say, don’t expect to see us around these parts next year. 

Our dog Sid goes crazy in the snow. He runs around like a little puppy rubbing his face in it and prancing all around the yard. 

Toque: Boheme Goods
Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Urban Outfitters

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