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Skipper One Week Old

Sweet Skipper is one week old, and it has been such a wonderful week. This newborn experience so far is so much different than our first time when we brought Poppy home. We are more relaxed (and experienced) so I feel like we have just been able to relax and enjoy his sweet smelling head, squishy little bod, and sleepiness. We have fallen completely in love with our boy. 

Poppy is very excited about her baby brother also. She has been spending a lot of time with Daddy this week and the changes have definitely resulted in some acting out. She doesn’t know why she’s feeling angry but it usually comes out at bedtime and all hell breaks loose. But it worked out well that her 3rd birthday was also this week so she received lots of special attention and presents. 

Baby Prep

We’re in the last couple days before the new baby boy arrives and we’ve have had fun doing all the baby preparing over the past few months. One of the most important items on my list was the car seat. When Poppy was a newborn we had a hand me down Maxi-Cosi infant seat that we loved, but since then it has expired, so we were in the market for a new infant seat. I knew I wanted another Maxi-Cosi because I’m a bit of a car seat freak ( that annoying friend that will adjust your kids chest strap if it’s not in place). The Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 is what we went with for this baby. My favourite things about it are the Air ProtectTM superior side impact protection to protect their little heads, that it is the lightest weight premium infant car seat in its class, the Cozi-Dozi insert adds extra support for baby’s head and neck of smaller babies, and of course all of them look so nice and sleek. At the same time we also upgraded Poppy’s convertible car seat to the Maxi-Cosi Jool. She originally had a “big kid car seat” by a different brand but we weren’t happy it, so we wanted to get something that we felt was safer for our precious cargo and we are loving this one. We are also considering getting some window shades for when we have our two babies in the car. I know Poppy likes to look out of the window, but the sun can be very strong at times so we think they might be a good idea. You can learn more about these at if you aren’t aware of them.

Poppy was SO excited to go test drive the new seat. Weird to see two car seats back there now, We’re a full load!

Poppy is 3 and still rear facing. It is the safest position for kids, so since we are able to make it work with her weight we will keep her rear facing as long as possible.

Well, the infant car seat is installed and the hospital bag is packed, we are officially ready for Monday! Here is a breakdown of some of the items in my hospital bag…

For Me

For Baby

  • Swaddles (Brown swaddle is from Max + Moose, so soft!)

  • Bonnets from Petite Soul

  • Toque (this was Poppy’s toque they put on her when she was born)

  • Natursutten Pacifier (Although I doubt that a newborn will need it…)

  • Easy open jammies

  • Present from Poppy

Suitcase from Away, Wallpaper by Anewall, Throw cushions in nursery by Ebb and Thread.

Saturday Laze

Nine more days until the baby boy arrives, crazzzzzy! Yesterday I was making food for the freezer and totally wore myself out, so I said to David when we were going to bed that this is going to be my “roasting” week. I’m going to not feel guilty about laying on my butt and all day and let this last week be full of letting baby boy roast away (I am the crockpot), let him fatten up, and get strong. These days each week makes such a noticeable difference in his size, 2 weeks ago I felt like there was no way we could have a full size baby in less than a month, and now I can see to outline of his back and bum and he’s looking ready to pop! 

Today I haven’t touched my hair or make up or even tried to put an appropriate outfit together, we’ve just been playing on the bed, having baths and drinking tea. Thankfully Poppy has been so content playing at home these days, her imagination is not lacking, and she someone has forgotten about TV, Hallelujah (that girls LOVES her shows). 

I’ve been trying to take more photos & videos around home that aren’t set up, just moments throughout the day. So here is a video of complete pointless nonsense. 

Thread :: Mommy & Me Glasess

In the spring I started wearing glasses when I work on the computer. I went into IRIS for an eye exam and for the amount of time I spend looking at screens they told me what was recommended for me. I only have the slightest prescription since my vision is good but I have the blue light filtering coating on them to help cancel out the blue light from the screen. Initially, I was just going to get blue light filter glasses but when I found out at that you could add the blue light protection to your ordinary glasses I just had to do it. I spend a lot of time looking at a screen and I was getting headaches regularly. This coating helps with the strain, also helps to not disturb your sleep rhythms, and prevent longer term eye damage. If you wear prescription glasses you can ask at IRIS to have this added to your lenses. For anyone who works in front of a computer screen all day, blue light filtering is a fantastic addition to your prescription glasses and one you should look into adopting as soon as possible.

When you tell a 3 year old you’re going out for bubble tea, and the store has run out of “bubbles” you have to make up for it by ordering her favourite colour.


Poppy doesn’t wear a prescription but I couldn’t help playing dress up in these insanely adorable toddler Ray-Ban frames. They are so perfectly cool & nerdy it kind of makes me hope she needs glasses 😉

The frames I’m wearing are SPINE, view more frames online or in store.

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