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Conversations with Poppy

Poppy These Days

Poppy Darling turned 3 in January. Typing that is weird, I can’t believe I have a 3 year old… that’s not a baby anymore, she’s turning into a real kid. Three sure is a spicy age for this one. She likes to test her boundaries, but overall she is a really good girl. Some of her favourite things and special qualities these days are: 

1. Frozen everything.
2. Her favourite foods are grated cheese, canned peaches, fries, pepperoni sticks (Yup, she’s a real health freak).
3. When I pass her toilet paper she tells me in an encouraging voice “You’re a really good helper for me Mommy.”
4. She has a big imagination. I rarely get to call her Poppy, usually it’s either Doctor, Teacher, Princess, Mommy, or King. 
5. She needs to wear a princess dress everyday. I layout an outfit on her bed for her to put on each morning and every morning the response it “But that is not a princess dress!!” followed by negotiating. 
6. She loves running errands. Always asks “where are we going next?” and “home” is not the correct answer. 
7. When we pray at bedtime about not having fear she always laughs and said “Fear!?! No way, he’s from Inside Out.” Every night. 
8. She is 24 pounds. 
9. She is terrified of our beloved Roomba Vacuum (Whom we may treat too much like another child… yesterday she accidentally called Skipper “Roomba”). 
10. She is very tidy. I would almost trust her more with coffee in bed than myself. 

This beautiful wallpaper was custom hand drawn and made by my friends at Anewall, their wallpapers are so beautiful you have to check them out! 

Poppy’s dress & bedding were sewn by my Mom <3

Skipper’s first sink bath

Keeping this sleepy 3 week old awake can be a challenge, I’m trying to make him aware of day time vs. night time and when a diaper change fails to wake this squishy boy up then it’s bath time. I loved taking baths with Poppy as a newborn but this time around with a 3 year old bathing with a newborn isn’t quite as peaceful, and he will most likely get bonked on the head several times if Poppy is in there with us. My friend Kir lent us her puj tub to use for sink baths, I love it. There is something so cute about newborns in the kitchen sink (Well, there is something so cute about newborns anywhere really).

He started staring into my face this week, the best! 

Making some embarrassing baby face at him. 

My super comfy bamboo tee is from a local maker Jax and Lennon Co

Welcome, Skipper Augustine!

On Monday, January 16th at 8:14am our third baby and first son, Skipper Augustine, came earth side. We had a scheduled Caesarean and I’m not going to lie, it was so dreamy. I would do that morning over & over for fun, which is something I never thought I would feel about birth. If you have read my past birth stories you’ll know that my previous births were not easy experiences {Poppy’s Birth StoryGoldie’s Birth Story}. When we were making the decision to try to get pregnant again last year we talked to our OBGYN and said we felt like we could only face it if we could have a scheduled C.  

This pregnancy was rough, my body was in a lot of discomfort since the start of the second trimester, and our anxieties about complications with this baby since our last pregnancy were very present. Even though ultrasounds were showing a healthy baby we still had that weight on our shoulders, so January 16th couldn’t come soon enough for us. 

What a strange (and awesome) sensation it is to be completely present mentally for birth, and to not feel a dang thing. David sat behind the curtain with me during the operation and as our OB started pulling Skipper out he told David to stand up and take a photo (it’s a pretty epic photo of Skip fist pumping his way out of my stomach, but maybe a little graphic for the blog…). They handed us our healthy boy and tears of joy & relief burst out of me. He looked up at us and that really was probably the greatest moment of my life.  

Our 7lbs 8oz squish has been a such a joy to us. Skipper was born just down the hall from where Goldie spent her time in the NICU and the room where we said goodbye to her. There was something very special and spiritual about it all being in the same hospital, a place where God has met us intimately a number of times in different ways now. 

Here we are laying in recovery, feeding, texting our friends & family and completely amazed at how quickly and easily we made it to the other side of this pregnancy, we played it in our minds a million times and never expected it to go so smoothly. A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we can breathe a little easier now. 

When Poppy came to meet Skip she was pretty overwhelmed with the whole hospital experience and quite timid with her little brother. On her first visit she was a bit too nervous to hold him or kiss him, but when she came back with my Mom (Who is also Skipper’s birthday buddy) the next day she felt a little more comfortable and held her baby brother that she has been very excited about for the past 9 months. 

The pride in that grin, so sweet. 

And all of a sudden we look like a family! We went home 2 days after and it was a fairly smooth transition at home, I have had an easy and quick recovery so far which I am very thankful for. We also want to say thank you to everyone who was praying for us through the pregnancy & birth, it truly means so much to us. We feel so much joy through Skipper joining our family and it has been only a positive experience, which we are so thankful for as we never know what events grief might attach itself to. 

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