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Rental, Sweet, Rental.

We moved from the suburbs to downtown Vancouver a month ago now. We feel pretty settled in for the most part and are really enjoying being in the city so far! We didn’t downsize too, too much when it comes to square feet but come summertime obviously the yard will be a huge change.

As you can imagine, finding our dream home was not always easy. We spent hours poring over real estate websites like trying to find the right property for us. Some friends of ours have recently moved into a foreclosed home in Texas too so they gave us plenty of helpful tips along the way. Speaking of which, if you are considering moving house, it is well worth taking a look at some of the foreclosure properties in your area as you might be able to secure a new home at a great price.

Anyway, people on Instagram have been asking for a house tour, so this is a very unofficial and unfinished tour for you, or more so, little snippets of the space. Also, a chance for me to throw a bunch of links up here for you find items you’ve asked about.

I’m in love with our coffee table from Sunday’s. I spent wayyyy too long searching the internet for a rectangle coffee table that was 14″ or shorter and it was extremely difficult to find. But in perfect timing the Vancouver local, Sunday’s, launched with just what I had been looking for.

That lamp will not stay on the floor 😉 there will be a chair in it’s place. Also, that lamp is only a temporary source of light! I have ordered a gorgeous Personalized Lover Creative 3D Print photo Moon Lamp to take its place. I adore customized lamps and after my friend bought one for her boyfriend I just knew that it would not be too long until I bought one for myself! I have customized our new lamp with a cute family portrait so I cannot wait for it to arrive. Also, I have yet to hang art above the couch. Here are the details of our sofa + round basket.

So, then if you spin around from facing the living room you’re looking at this angle…

We opted for more living room space instead of a dining table. Even though I absolutely loved my dining table in our last place (R.I.P), storing it for later was a battle I lost ;). We did a little kids table area, which has been awesome! I do miss sitting down at a table together for dinner, but to be honest at this stage that didn’t happen most nights of the week anyway, so for now this works well. We can rotate their table and the window ledge works as a bench for more kids.
The island with counter stools is for the “Grown-up” dining.
Kid’s table
Kids chairs

Our paper light fixture above the island is the Arlo Cloud Pendant from EQ3, I wanted something airy that didn’t distract from the view out the window and I think it blends in nicely while still being a feature.

Can you see the foam corner protector on the island in the photo above? I was annoyed when David put those on right away and ruined the aesthetic haha. But, the next morning when Skip woke up he ran into the island so hard he literally bounced off. Thank goodness for David’s practicality or it would have been a happy moving day ER trip ;).

Oh, and the pretty ceramic mugs are from Woash. If you’ve watched The Family Stone a million times like me and remember the scene with Luke Wilson give SJP the ceramic mug and says “that’s Cybil’s favourite”, that’s this mug to me.

Above is the front entrance, it’s a really long hallway with closets, which are great for storage, but obviously in an apartment you need as much storage as possible. So with my pretty vs. practical internal battle I struggled to find the right entryway console table but I’m super happy with how this IKEA hack turned out. It’s 2 IKEA BILLY bookcases with OXBERG doors pushed together with just a piece of smooth project pine from Home Depot on top of them both to make it feel like one unit and I think the wood makes it feel a little less “IKEA” if ya know what I mean.
Runner from Rugs USA in 2’6″ X 12′

Up next, let’s go to the kids bedroom. The apartment is 3 bedrooms but we liked the idea of them sharing because A. it’s cute and B. it gives us a guest room/office.
-The Signs are something I made before Skip was born. I ordered felt letters off of etsy and hot glued them onto canvas cut into the shape of a banner.
Crates & shelves
Bunk Bed
Waffle Blankets (I ordered a custom larger size)
Book wall shelves

Just a little corner of our bedroom. Our bedding is from Last Light Collection it’s the comfiest (and prettiest) linen bedding. In our last house I had it in a grey colour (you can see the colour on the pillowcases) and now have it in white for a brighter bedroom here. You’ve probably wondered if linen bedding is worth the investment. I have to say yes, honestly, every night I get in bed I notice how good it feels, never gets old.
Light fixture is one my mom found at a shop in Arizona and I had it shipped because I loved it so much!

Lastly just some bathroom details. I didn’t photograph the guest/office because it’s not that interesting yet…

Tom’s of Maine’s Recyclable toothpaste tube!

This post is in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are my own.

I went to visit Kennebunk, Maine last month to meet the wonderful people behind the Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste brand. I had the privilege of seeing their factory and just by chance ended up being there while they were doing the very first run of filling the new recyclable tubes. These tubes took a lot of work to create because it must still function like a regular tube yet be recyclable (in your curb side bin). Until now, toothpaste tubes have been made of mixed materials which means they must be landfilled, but this new tube is made fully of #2 HDPE, which allows it to have a second life.

I’m quite passionate about creating less waste and so this genuinely excites me and makes me proud to be an ambassador for a company that is working to be a leader in products that are both good for you and the planet. I was also fascinated to learn about some of the steps that businesses like this one are taking to improve their recycling efforts. It is no secret that plastic waste can be a huge problem for large companies, however, I was impressed to discover that nowadays, plastic balers are being used to compress plastic waste. In turn, compressing plastic waste can save companies time, money, and space, so it is something that is well worth considering. For further information check out some of the Balers for all business waste need from phs Wastekit.

Anyway, Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening toothpaste is the first variety you will see released in the new tube but by the end of 2020 all Tom’s of Maine toothpaste will be in the new recyclable tubes!

Now to actually make this as awesome as it is, you have to do your part too! To recycle at home, first check to be sure that your tube has the blue recycling flag. If it doesn’t, it can’t be recycled just yet. If it does, then just put the cap on and put it in your curbside bin but remember that recycling practices vary by municipality and if a town doesn’t accept #2 plastic, the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program, a partnership with TerraCycle, is a recommended option for recycling all personal and oral care packaging regardless of the brand. 

Just buying items that are recyclable isn’t enough – we are responsible for making sure they are going to get that second life. I’m not always perfect with my recycling efforts but that was actually one of the 2019 goals I set for myself because I think it’s important to play your part and not just rely on the companies to do the work.

Menzies are moving out

I was 19 when we moved into our current house. We moved it right when we got married, decorated it the way any 19 year old would in the year that Pinterest was created and opened all DIY possibilities haha. Over the past 8.5 years this house has been constantly evolving with our projects and slowly filled with more people.

In our first year we brought home our puppy, Sid, 2 years later, Poppy, a year after that Goldie was grown, laboured and grieved in here, and after that came Skipper! We’ve been through a lot of seasons of life and growth in this house. In a way this feels like the house I grew up in.

It hosted countless parties, dinners, and campfires. Basically we have a lot of memories here that I wont keep rambling on about. It is also next door to my parents on one side AND my sister + her family on the other. Even though we kind of have the ultimate set up going on over here David and I are creatures of change.

We started feeling the itch for something new a year ago and played with the idea of moving somewhere new. We looked into Southern California, LA, Hawaii, Arizona, Australia (Any where that will turn you into a tan leathery old woman). Basically, I became obsessed with looking at house rentals in tons of areas. That we finally decided we had to stop dreaming up our own dreams worried of not making the right choice and just take the summer to be really present and pray about that next step.

We asked very specifically that God would show us come September where he wanted us (knowing that that place might still be right here). Much to our surprise on September first there were no lighting bolts or a loud booming voice… ;p

A week or so into the month one morning David and I both (separately) had a moment of clarity that we should be living in the city Vancouver (where we currently are apart of a church – an hour drive away). When David told me I gave a wide eyed “me too!” and naturally started looking on Craigslist for a rental. I’ll skip the boring details but 4 days later we had a rental signed for a little 3 bedroom right in the heart of the city.

It’s going to be a major life shift for us. If you’ve seen our backyard we basically live in a park, it’s big and full of trees, ultimate privacy. The closest thing you can walk to is 15 minutes. We’re trading deer for pigeons and I will have to learn to wear a robe when walking around the house. But will also be walking distance to our church and steps away from some of our favourite spots which is exciting. We’ve never lived in a city, but we’ve always liked the idea of it so it will be a fun new adventure for all of us.

David and I have always operated more off promptings and gut feelings than by doing things the way one is “meant” to. So when people give us the “What?! Why!” response to bringing kids into the city I feel totally fine in our decision. And I really appreciate all the encouragement we’ve gotten from people that have had a great experience as a family in a city!

and that is the story of why were moving!

lululemon gift guide

I’m part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below.

I purchased my first pair of lululemon leggings a few years ago and I don’t think I ever changed out of them. Kidding 😉 but they were one of the best clothing investments I ever made. They just feel so much better than the other yoga pants I had tried and that’s what made me fall in love with lululemon pieces in general. I’ve found lululemon to consistently be great quality and they think of all the little details to make everything as functional as possible. 

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite things that I own and some extra items that I think would make great gifts for her + him, Especially for you last minute shoppers because you can have items priority shipped to arrive Dec.24 all the way up until the 22nd. (Check your for more details because some exceptions apply). lululemon has free returns which makes it safe to shop for clothing as gifts. 

Clothing is a great gift idea for all the fashionistas in your life. Along with some Lululemon items, you can purchase some accessories to go with the clothing items. For instance, what about a classy handbag or the best fake Gucci belt available? All the fashion know-it-alls in your life understand how important accessories are to complete an outfit, so why not make that purchase?!

Check out their “We Made To Much Section” to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Happening Nov.28 – Dec. 2!

Just a few notes about some items I included below: 

-The Mock Neck Long Sleeve I’ve been wearing since the weather has gotten colder and I love it as an alternative to a hoodie. It adds structure & style but it’s still warm and comfier than a knit for doing stuff around the house and going to the park. 

-The Belt Bag I added to the list because all the employees in the lululemon store were wearing these crossbody style and it was so cute!! I didn’t leave with one, but I think I’m going to go back for one (or hope that David sees my gift guide…). 

-The Men’s At Ease Hoodie has such a nice waffle texture when you see it in person and fits nice and relaxed which works great under David’s jackets. 

-David doesn’t have this basic white tee but it looks like the perfect white tee, so Santa might be bringing him one of those.

Happy Shopping!   

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