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one to two

I feel like I’ve received the question a lot from first time moms expecting their second “What is it like having two?!” I also remember grilling other moms about this when I was pregnant for the second time. For how much work one child is it’s kind of scary to think about being responsible for another one.

We of course expected to have our children closer together with Goldie being due 17 months after Poppy. I’m sure that age would have been a whirlwind, and is the case for a lot of you mamas. But with our babes now being born 3 years apart it created quite a different dynamic. I think rather than Poppy feeling competitive for my affection she feels like her and I are a team taking care of the baby together. With both of them being calm natured it has made the transition to relatively easy which I am thankful for, because I know that is most often not the case. And I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you mama’s with 3 or 4 (or more!).

I think the thing that is the most work with two children is trying to get out the door. By the time were finally in the car I’m usually doing a deep breathe exercise before we arrive somewhere.

But my sanity is nap times, Poppy still naps (or plays in her bed) and their afternoon naps line up and it is a couple hours of the day where I recharge & get stuff done with my hands free. I’m also in love with my baby carriers, you’ve probably seen me post about carriers on Instagram before and I have a lot of favourite brands. I’m so glad that I have found brands that I can turn towards if I need to, but it didn’t come easy. It took me ages to find some that I really liked, and it didn’t help that they were hidden away in the background. So, even though I’ve been posting some of my favourites on Instagram, I’ve also been looking at how to generate hashtags on the fly, as social media users will know the importance of hashtags and how they can help to get your posts seen. When it comes to baby carriers, it can be hard to find the perfect one, but if I can help at least one person by posting my recommendations on Instagram, then I’ve done my job. This one in these photos is one I’ve most recently fallen in love with.

I’m wearing a Studio Romeo carrier, created in France. It’s definitely the quickest to put on of the carriers I’ve tried (You can see in my Instagram post exactly how it works). There’s no tying or adjusting you just put it on and put that babe in, have your hands available with a toddler is a necessity.

Use the code BETHANYMENZEL on for free shipping for US and Canada until 1st of September

Poppy’s adorable romper is from one of my favourite boutiques, Murray & Finn.

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Articles Hosts ++ Summer Breakfasts

One of my favourite things about summer days is the extra hours of sun it gives us to enjoy the day. The early sun give us the chance to have a slow, bright breakfast. We come downstairs and open the windows, turn on music and every once and awhile go pick up some delicious scones from the bakery down the street (nothings keeps a child happy at the table longer than a breakfast drizzled with white chocolate).
This summer we got this Teaka dining table and chairs from Article, it is an outdoor set that we decided would fit perfectly for us inside, and I love it! I was looking for something that would be a cross of rustic & modern, and the raw teak, which was actually made to be a teak garden set, brings in the perfect amount of “rustic” for our home while still feel sleek & minimal.
We love to entertain at our home so having a large dining table is a necessity for us, there’s something special about sitting around a table with friends. This table seats 6, and is also available in a larger size to accommodate 8. Those warm evenings having late meals with friends is what summer is all about. Hanging out having drinks on the patio and watching the kids play in the backyard or having a couple for dinner once the kids are all upstairs asleep. I live for those parts of the season.
Article is all about creating comfortable, stylish pieces to create the spaces where you enjoy those summer moments, I love a company that creates beautiful furniture but keeps the practical in mind. A bonus? They’re located right here in Vancouver. Shipping and assembly took no time at all and Article has three flat-rate delivery options that start at $49 so you can pick the service and cost that best suits you.
To be honest, when I first got this table I was terrified to use it because the wood is so natural & raw I felt like I had to baby it especially with kids around. But there isn’t any avoiding messes with a 3 year old, Poppy has spread spaghetti sauce on it, and uses it as her napkin for greasy fingers but it actually just wipes down with a wet cloth perfectly! It will get character over the years I’m sure, but I kind of love that about it. I want the house to feel lived in and comfortable.
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Our bedroom

When you have babies your bed is somewhere you end up spending a lot of time. The place for morning cuddles, afternoon cuddles, sick day movies, night time feedings, toddler gymnastic routines, and the place where I plop myself in the evening once both babies are in bed. I’ve realized that our bedroom needs to feel like a place where we want to spend all of that special time, not just the room where everything gets thrown because no one else sees it.

You may have seen me post about our “megabed” in the past, it was two queen mattresses pushed together with a ton of pillows and blanket thrown on. It was fun and oh so spacious for the sprawling pregnant sleeper I became over the past few years. But, that time has come to say goodbye to megabed. We wanted our room to feel little more peaceful and tidy when we come to rest at the end of the day. So when we decided to start searching for a new bed and side tables Rove Concepts was my first search.  

Rove Concepts creates handcrafted mid-century furniture, their website and shops are filled with beautiful sleek designs. I fell in love with the Asher bed and nightstands because I feel like they are the perfect amount of modern for our old home. Throughout our home we’ve incorporated a lot of modern aspects but it will always have its cabin like feel that I don’t want to fight. So, the Asher fits perfectly with it’s balance of vintage & modern.

When we were looking for a bed we knew we wanted furniture with some weight to it. Solid wood furniture that would be worth keep for years, and these pieces are definitely that. I love all the details especially the copper handle detail on the soft-close drawers of the side tables, that colour is so perfect.

Bed – Rove Concepts

Nightstands – Rove Concepts

Bedspread – Vintage

Sheets – Queenwest Trading Co.

Cactus Pillow – Brand unknown

Velvet Pillows – Rodeo Home

Framed Prints – Artifact Uprising

Summer Staycation in Vancouver

We had such a wonderful staycation at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver last week! We live in such a beautiful city that we thought instead of heading out of town for a summer getaway we should just staycation in our own area and of course, the Fairmont Pacific Rim was our first choice. I know of a few people who are considering moving to Vancouver. Some have even started speaking to professional realtors like Eddie Yan to help them make the important decision. That would be exciting!

This is such an outstanding hotel for many obvious reasons; the hotel itself is beautiful, you’re greeted by gorgeous lobby bar right when you walk in that has such a lively vibe always buzzing with people and live music. Also on the main floor is Giovane Cafe & Market, delicioussss treats & lunches. We may have indulged a few too many times there, but that meatball panini, mmm!

We headed to the amazing in hotel restaurant, Botanist for breakfasts in the morning. The moment I walked in it became one of my favourite restaurants in the city based on looks, and the service and food both impressed me just as much. The decor is so perfect with it’s pastel colour palette and almost rainforest feel being surrounded by greenery.

I highly recommend visiting for brunch, we both favoured the Salmon Tartine, and can’t wait to try it out for cocktails when we are without the kids.

But, the most important part about a vacation for me, pool time. The Fairmont has a rooftop pool lined with cabanas & palm trees and a pool side food & drinks menu that on a warm day makes you feel like you’re lounging in California. This was definitely the highlight of the trip for Poppy, she made lots of other little friends around the pool deck too.

This delicious treat from the Giovane Cafe may look like Ice Cream, but don’t be fooled, that’s cake!

See that “Hungry we’ve got great taste” menu… We didn’t shy away from that. Nothing wrong with some Sriracha Wings & Beer at 10:30pm, right? That’s the beauty of the Stay and Taste Package, when booking with the package you receive a $50 dining credit for each day of your stay.

Our room had a balcony overlooking the pool deck which was perfect for us because once the kids went to bed we sat outside there with a fireplace and champagne and watched the sunset. If you’re going to room bound by sleeping children this is a pretty good setup.

If you’re local or visiting Vancouver I recommend staying at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, we can’t wait to bring the family back for a little getaway in our own city.

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