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“You do You” Printable

The amount of time we spend scrolling Instagram feeds & Pinterest these days it can be really easy to forget who you are. Constantly being fed other peoples ideas, outfits, art, homes, recipes… what do I like again? I made this printable to have a little reminder in our homes to “do you”. I’m always the most inspired by people who are authentic. Whether or not they’re doing what’s “trendy” I think it’s far more interesting and freeing to just stick to your gut, your own style, what you love. You do you. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, because it’s true… Comparison is the thief of joy.

Click to download print

Tip for printing poster size: At Staples you can get Engineer Prints rather than an actual “Poster” if you are just printing in black & white and they are only about $4 for a 24 X 36 print (smaller sizes are also available).


Fiesta Bowl + Vegan Queso

This meal is totally detox friendly & delicious, I’ve been experimenting with Mexican inspired food that doesn’t make me feel like theres a brick in my stomach after.

Fiesta Bowl

Brown Rice – cooked with Lime Juice & Cumin. I just add a dash of each into the water while I’m boiling it

Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Diced, tossed in olive oil, cumin chilli powder, garlic powder, & salt. Roasted in a 9X13 at 400F for 30 minutes

Fresh Cabbage Slaw – Finely chopped cabbage, Lime juice, salt, cilantro, pineapple or mango. Make a big batch of this because the flavour only gets better as it sits

Barbecued Chicken Breast

Vegan Queso – Recipe Below

Can also top it with cilantro, salsa, jalapeños, hot sauce, lime.

Vegan Queso

I love this Queso! It was inspired by Oh She Glows life affirming warm nacho dip I just really simplified it and its so easy and yummy I make it a couple times a week. We put it on top of bowls or eat it warm with beans & avocado on top and dip chips in.

4 Carrots peeled, chopped & boiled until tender with a fork

1 can Full fat coconut milk

2-3 Tbs Nutritional yeast 

1 tsp Chilli powder

1 tsp Garlic powder

Dash of Cayenne

Salt to taste

Place the cream of the can of coconut milk into a blender, followed by carrots & spices. Blend until smooth, can add some of the coconut water if more liquid is needed.


Choosing our babies names


I loveeeee names. I’ve had an on going list of names in my phone since I was twelve, I was so excited to get to name my first child. Having children with somewhat unique baby names we’ve been asked about their names a lot, so here’s where they call came from.

The name Poppy was added to my list before I was pregnant for the first time, I think it probably came into my mind after seeing Poppy Delevingne. She was the only person named Poppy I had heard of at the time. I loved it, the perfect in between of being unique but still a “real” name. Although Poppy was actually my second choice (although I of course love it!)… I wont tell you my first choice because I’ll be jealous if you use it 😉 haha, David couldn’t get on board with it. But he loved Poppy so we went with that. Her middle name, Darling, we got from my Dad. Don’t worry my Dad isn’t named Darling. He was at the barbershop and the guy cutting his hair said that his wife was pregnant he was trying to convince her to name the baby Darling, I loved it so much, I stole it! So if your husband is a trendy barber in Vancouver and your daughter is named Darling, I’m sorry, we copied you. So no, Poppy’s name doesn’t have any meaning I just loved the names.

But oh boy have I gotten my share of comments. “Did you let her name herself?!”, “Oh wow, well what’s her middle name?”, “Well at least it’s not Jumpy”. Yup, exactly what we thought, lets name our daughter Poppy because at least it’s not Jumpy! Haha I always surprised the things people find appropriate to say.

Goldie’s name was inspired by Goldie Hawn. We weren’t naming her after Goldie Hawn but that was definitely the only place we had heard that name. I always thought if I changed my name to anything it would be Goldie, so the closest I could get was giving the name to my daughter. David was a realllly hard sell on this one. I was trying to convince him of it the whole pregnancy without any luck and finally when I was in the hospital in labour for FIVE DAYS the nurses asked what we were going to name her and he finally gave in to his poor wife laying in the hospital bed. And giving the circumstances I can’t imagine a better name for our little girl in Heaven. There is something angelic about the name Goldie, and with her middle name being Bloom it give the imagery of Golden Flowers which has been a since symbol that will always be attached to remembering Goldie for us.

Skipper was the boy name that we had chosen when I was pregnant the first time with Poppy before we found out the gender. I’m so glad that I ended up having my baby boy because since we had this boy name for 4 years I kind of felt like we would have been missing a person without ever having our Skipper that we had imagined from when I was first pregnant. We like that it is unique but can be shortened to Skip for a more “normal” name. I was googling why so many men have the nickname Skip and it actually originally was a nickname for men named after their grandfathers, meaning that the name skipped a generation. His middle name, Augustine, is named after St. Augustine of Hippo. An early Christian theologian who had a large influence on Western Christianity. We call him Gus as a nickname.

With Skipper we get asked if that’s his real name, and when most hear his name they say “Skipper!” with a bit of a friendly chuckle, which I don’t mind. We’ve definitely learned to be confident in our name choices and not care about the reactions. That’s also why we didn’t tell anyone our baby names before they were born. Because without a cute new baby to comment on people are just giving you a reaction on the name. But if you introduce them to the name for the first time with the baby even if they hate the name the can at least comment on how precious the baby is!

Tell me your baby names or the ones on your list!


GOOP Detox

While we were on vacation in Arizona David & I decided to do the GOOP Detox when we got home, after spending a week indulging and having cocktails by the pool we figured it would be a good time to start when vacation ended. HA. dummies. That was brutal.

I couldn’t believe the withdrawals I had in the first few days of the detox. I felt awful. I was literally crying on the phone to David saying “This is stupid, I don’t need to detox!” and then accidentally hung up on him because my mind was SO foggy I was just pressing buttons without thinking. But he convinced me not to cave… So here’s how the rest of it went.

The goal of this detox is to remove as many toxins from your diet as possible, GOOP explains how are bodies are overloaded with the amount of toxins they have to try to process, so taking charge of the amount we intentionally put into ourselves can give our gut the opportunity to repair and restore the bodies natural ability to repair itself.

The Detox rules are: 

  1. No alcohol.
  2. No caffeine.
  3. No dairy.
  4. No eggs.
  5. No beef, no pork.
  6. No shellfish, no raw fish.
  7. No gluten.
  8. No soy.
  9. No Nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers).
  10. No strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, bananas.
  11. No corn.
  12. No white rice.
  13. No added sugar.
  14. No peanuts. 
  15. No processed oils, or butters, no vegetable seed oils, no canola oils. (Can use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, pumpkin seed oil).

Since I have a 3 year old, and infant and needing my sanity I cheated on no caffeine and drank Green Tea (which I looked into after, and apparently is fine)… So I’m not a rebel after all.

Like I said the first few days were H-E-double hockey sticks if you know what I mean. Flawless Gwyneth Paltrow had lied to me, I definitely was not glowing from the inside out. I was nauseous, tired, lazy, hungry, irritable, and had really bad headaches. I really didn’t think it would have that much of an effect on me since we eat fairly healthy most of the time, but it was apparently quite the shock to my system. But as we continued and started to figure out what foods worked for us with this diet I learned to love it and by the end never wanted to eat any other way.

What I was eating never made me feel bad or bloated, or guilty about what I had eaten. We stopped looking at our meals as how could this taste better, but instead as how is this nourishing us and what it was doing for our bodies. We didn’t feel the need for lots of sauces, sweetness, or tons of different flavours (not that this diet makes you compromise on flavour at all) we got excited about what ‘good for us’ foods were packed into our meals. I actually got more creative with my cooking again having the challenge of new ingredients.

I definitely recommend it, we felt awesome once we go the hang of it. The key was keeping the fridge stocked with things that you can eat. Because when we you cut that many ingredients out, there are very very few grab & go foods. We spent the first few days staring into the fridge saying “I’m so hungry”, and then we spent an afternoon prepping protein balls, chicken salad, tuna salad, & chopping veggie sticks. When I crave candy (which is a lot) I have a handful of snacking dates or a scoop of sunflower seed butter mixed with carob. When I was really hungry I would eat refried beans straight out of the can haha (Amy’s organic brand are actually delish).

Before you start you should make a meal plan, go to the grocery store and load up on ingredients you can eat, get rid of the stuff you can’t.

We started by sticking strictly to the rules for 10 days, but next time I could definitely go for 30. Since stopping the detox there hasn’t been one “cheat” meal we’ve eaten and haven’t agreed after that we wish we didn’t. Our bodies feel SO much better after a detox friendly meal, I wasn’t aware of the feeling before the detox but now majority of the time both of us would choose a healthy meal over a delicious/indulgent one because of the energy we have after.

Here is the link to the book with all the info, including recipes. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

I’ve included a couple detox friendly recipes below, lot’s more to come!

David’s Delish Date Balls

12 pitted dates

1/4 cup carob or cacao powder

1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (plus extra for rolling)

1 Tbs sunflower seed butter or almond butter

Sea salt

Honey to taste

1-3 tsp water

Sesame seeds

Combine everything in the food processor until crumbly, add water as need to make mixture stick together in a ball. Wet hands and roll into balls, roll in unsweetened shredded coconut & sesame seeds. Store in the fridge.

Avocado Chicken Salad

3 Breasts Shredded Chicken

1 Avocado


Garlic Powder

1-2 Tbs Water

Mash (or blend) the avocado with seasonings, and warm in a saucepan with water and chicken. Serve on top of rice cakes or salad. We liked to keep this in the fridge so that it was a hearty lunch ready to go, and I would just warm it up again with some more water to keep the chicken moist.

Grilled artichoke

1 Artichoke

Nutritional Yeast


Garlic Powder

Olive Oil


Plain Coconut Yogurt



Juice of half a lemon

Cut the artichoke in half and simmer in water 15 minutes, remove from pot and place on a baking sheet. Rub with olive oil, season with salt, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. Broil on high until it starts to brown.

For the dip: mix ingredients together to taste.

Eat the artichoke one leaf at a time scraping off the meat with your teeth, like so.

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