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Spring Home Series :: Kitchen :: DIY Wood Cabinets

I’ve shared on Instagram that we are doing some updates to our home this spring, starting in the kitchen. We are excited to be partnering with The Home Depot to…

Rainy Afternoons Indoors

I rains ALOT where we live. Not one of my favourite things, but I’m learning to suck it up. Thinking of new activities is something I do daily, today we…

Poppy’s Pigtastic Party

Yesterday was Poppy’s 2nd Birthday party, pig themed of course! A friend of a friend happened to own a pig and lent it to us for the afternoon to play…

Poppy Foods

My last Poppy Foods post was about a year ago, so I figured it was about time to whip one out again! Poppy is almost two, and to be honest…

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