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No (Sham) Poo Update

So! It’s been 2 months since I quit shampooing my hair. Verdict… I love it! I can’t say that I don’t get greasy hair but I’m learning how to hide…

Kissing Shampoo Goodbye

(please excuse the nose shot, and iPhone pics)  Okay, I am finally saying goodbye to shampoo. Or as the insiders say it, I am a No-Poo-er. I tried to do…

A look at Twenty Thirteen

2013 was a really great year! A lot happened in that time, and when I look back I realize how quickly it went by. We went to a lot of…

chop chop

Last night I finally did it, I cut off those nasty, dry, brittle, bleached ends! This cut may seem really dramatic, but I wore extensions most of the time so…

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