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Back-to-school eye exam

Little miss Poppy literally skipping her way to her after school eye exam at IRIS. She loves going into IRIS so she can try on frames, and she rocked her exam! We always book her annual exam for September because it feels like a good back-to-school routine. And you guys, kids eye exams are free! My sister actually asked me “why should I take my kids to get exams??” So I told her A. because it’s free 😉 and B. (more importantly) because especially when they are entering school you want to make sure they aren’t having any vision troubles, because if they are they likely wouldn’t really know to tell you.

Turns out Poppy is a little far sighted but not enough for glasses. Very disappointing for her 😉 she begged me for a pair anyway! There are lots of IRIS locations in Canada you can call to book an eye exam for your kids! 

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