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Jamieson Vitamin Flavour Contest

We’re big on vitamin C in this house, in any form that it comes. Our immune systems need all the help they can get this time of year, so bring on the vitamins and antioxidants! Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C is always in our vitamin cupboard mostly because it’s the most delicious way to take vitamin C 😉 but it’s also Canada’s #1 trusted vitamin brand with almost 100 years of experience.

Now, this is fun! Jamieson is giving consumers the opportunity to help create a new chewable vitamin C flavour. And watch out folks, cause I have some good ideas! The contest is currently running at this link. If bragging rights that you were the creative mastermind behind a vitamin flavour wasn’t already enough the top 3 flavours will be chosen and those participants will each win $1,000. (Heyyoo!!!), The winner will receive $5,000 (Heyyoooo X5)!

My ideas so far are Pina Colada, Elderberry, Lavender and Matcha. Not bad, I know! So, bring it on, and you better not steal mine 😉

Starting September 2019 you can vote for your favourite flavour and the flavour with the most votes will be crowned the next vitamin C chewable flavour to launch!

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