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Etsy Finds

This post is sponsored by Etsy and ShopStyle.

I am a lonnnnng time lover and devoted shopper of Etsy. I think I was in middle school when my Dad actually said “Have you ever heard of a site called Etsy?” Mind. Blown. Fast forward 13 years and I still love searching all of the shops on there.

In case you haven’t had the love affair with Etsy that I have, it is a marketplace filled with thousands of handcrafted goods. As Salesforce can tell you, e-commerce/online shopping has become exceptionally popular over the years and Etsy is one of the major success stories. However, it’s not just Etsy that has these handmade goods. Shopify is also one of the best e-commerce platforms these days for small business owners to try and sell some of their products. I have a friend who sells her handmade crafts on Shopify, and she’s been experiencing a lot more sales recently thanks to enhanced SEO marketing strategies from companies like Victorious (https://victoriousseo.com/verticals/shopify-seo/). That company has helped my friend to experience more customers and leads, helping her to make more money from these products. Shopify is also a great place to find handcrafted goods, but my favorite is Etsy. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite shops & products for clothing, accessories, and home goods. You can also shop all the items through the widget at the bottom of the post.

  • First, let’s start with vintage Levi’s, the one’s I’m wearing here are from this shop. I wear high rise Levi’s all the time and it’s probably the main thing people ask me about on the ol’ Instagram. There are tons of authentic vintage pairs available on Etsy.
  • Next up, these gold geometric earrings are my new favourite. Such great quality, handmade, and a really good price.
  • I love to wear lots of rings, the dainty sterling silver rings I wear are from this Etsy shop.
  • I just ordered this linen tie front top and I’m super excited for it to arrive!
  • To fill frames around my house I’ve purchased instant download photography prints, it’s super easy to get them printed and I find it’s the most cost friendly way to put art on your walls. I shared links to a few of my current favourites below.
  • In my kids rooms I have framed banners I made with their names on it, I get asked all the time about where I go those banners. All I did was order felt letters on Etsy, the exact letters are no longer available but I found some that are super similar.
  • And my next purchase, I currently have my eye on this for the kitchen.

Hopefully this helps you find some new favourite pieces!

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