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Simplifying my routine

Getting ready in the morning with the kids isn’t always something that happens easily. Ideally I’m awake before them and have that time alone to get ready, but let’s be realistic… That’s not usually how it goes. So I’ve learned to simplify a few things to make it easier for me to feel “ready”. I’ve teamed with Schick on this post and decided to share 5 of the tricks I use the most.

  1. Put in dry shampoo before bed. Before you go to sleep put dry shampoo on your roots, you can just leave them looking all white and powdery and come the morning it will be rubbed in for the most part and not looking greasy.

2. Sleep with your hair in a high pony. I use a loose elastic or a scrunchie to avoid a ponytail kink. Sleeping with your hair up makes your curls (or even straight hair) last longer. Keeping the ends from getting squished and bent under your head. I’ve also found this beneficial while growing my hair out, because when my ends don’t get messed up I don’t need to apply heat to them between washes. Generally I curl my hair after showering and can leave it for a few days until my next wash.

3. I put a clothing rack in my bedroom with my staple clothing pieces. I still have a closet with random shirts, shorts, workout clothes, bras, undies, etc. But having the pieces that I like to wear the most in a separate spot makes getting ready quicker because I have less to choose from. I recently went on a shopping spree (again) and managed to finally find a pair of workout shoes at!

4. Using the Schick Intuition 3-in-1 razor really does save time when you’re trying to shave quickly because you can skip shaving cream and moisturizing. It lathers and moisturizers while you’re shaving. I use it most days with my leg up in the sink and I don’t get razor burn like I do when I try to do a quick sink shave with a normal razor.

5. If you do put dry shampoo in your hair in the morning you can use the blowdryer to blend it in quickly. This takes about 3o seconds vs a couple minutes of going through the layers of my hair to make sure that I don’t have any powder showing

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