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Hierve el Agua

I kept seeing signs around town pointing down the road to “Hierve El Agua” so I looked it up online and obviously knew we had to visit this place! It’s about an hour drive from Oaxaca City to the narrow dirt road that leads up the mountain to Hierve. The Mountain road isn’t too long but it’s a very slow drive. Because a dirt road here is the dirt road of all dirt roads and the edge of the road the whole way up is a very steep cliff, so it get interesting when a oncoming car needs to pass. But that drive alone is worth the trip because it’s SO beautiful. I just love seeing such different ways of life here, men riding horses in the middle of no where leading donkeys, goats, and dogs up the mountain, and people harvesting squash on the edge of the cliff. It’s pretty cool.

Thankfully for the drive there our kids kept their cool and we were able to enjoy the beauty of the desert. Once we got there though it was HOT, and a lot of direct sun on our pale skinned babes. We started hiking down to the pools not knowing how far it would be and feeling a little hot & bothered David said “Is it worth the walk or should we turn back now?” haha. Good thing we’re weren’t babies about it because obviously it was worth the 5 more minutes of walking.

The water wasn’t warm, contrary to the name, but it wasn’t too cold to swim in especially in the heat. Both the kids loved it. The water has a very high mineral content and is said to be healing water because of that. We all had a white coating of dried minerals on us when we left.

I don’t have a photo of it but from that cliff you can see the “petrified waterfall” which is beautiful but we definitely didn’t have the energy to hike over to that. The rock floor around the pools has openings to the underground canals that bubble up water flowing into the pool, so amazing, especially in the middle of the desert.

Skip wanted me to just let him go and crawl around here, he loves being in the water, it’s pretty cute. My semi-OCD husband was very strict about how close to the cliff edge we were allowed to get 😉

 And then two Vultures landed beside us… buhhhh bye.

The drive home was not quite as beautiful and peaceful, Skipper is good at a lot of things, sleeping in the car is not one of them… He puts up a good fight before he’ll fell asleep in his carseat. Driving in first gear the entire way down a mountain with a crying baby in the backseat isn’t my idea of a good time. But worth the trip, and I still had a bag of Sal y Limon Fritos & the worlds largest coconut in my lap to sip so I can’t complain.

Also, does anybody else’s husband have you spoon feed them while they drive…? David got a cup of very juicy fruit with chile for the car and I spent the last half of the drive putting each bite into his mouth and catching the juice from his mouth with my hand lol… true love right?

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