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Poppy’s first eye exam

Before we left town for the fall we took Poppy for her first eye exam at IRIS. She did great, and actually really enjoyed it. Poppy can tend to be a timid with stuff like that, but she responded to all of the questions and tried out everything that the optometrist suggested.

Getting kids eyes examined when they are little is important to make sure they don’t have an vision struggles that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. If they don’t know any different they might not know that anything is wrong and it can effect them once they start school or learning letters. They recommend taking your kids in for a first appointment at age 3, Poppy is 3.5 and think it was the perfect age to take her for the first time. The appointment was quick and easy and free for kids under the age of 19 in BC.

She started on my lap, but once she warmed up she never wanted the appointment to end.


As you can see Poppy is very pleased to have good vision…  Actually she’s not, she was really hoping for a purple pair of glasses, but we are! Check out the IRIS store locator to make an appointment.

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  1. Themumma
    September 20, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    Popsicle!!! I love your big glasses!!! xo

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