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Our bedroom

When you have babies your bed is somewhere you end up spending a lot of time. The place for morning cuddles, afternoon cuddles, sick day movies, night time feedings, toddler gymnastic routines, and the place where I plop myself in the evening once both babies are in bed. I’ve realized that our bedroom needs to feel like a place where we want to spend all of that special time, not just the room where everything gets thrown because no one else sees it.

You may have seen me post about our “megabed” in the past, it was two queen mattresses pushed together with a ton of pillows and blanket thrown on. It was fun and oh so spacious for the sprawling pregnant sleeper I became over the past few years. But, that time has come to say goodbye to megabed. We wanted our room to feel little more peaceful and tidy when we come to rest at the end of the day. So when we decided to start searching for a new bed and side tables Rove Concepts was my first search.  

Rove Concepts creates handcrafted mid-century furniture, their website and shops are filled with beautiful sleek designs. I fell in love with the Asher bed and nightstands because I feel like they are the perfect amount of modern for our old home. Throughout our home we’ve incorporated a lot of modern aspects but it will always have its cabin like feel that I don’t want to fight. So, the Asher fits perfectly with it’s balance of vintage & modern.

When we were looking for a bed we knew we wanted furniture with some weight to it. Solid wood furniture that would be worth keep for years, and these pieces are definitely that. I love all the details especially the copper handle detail on the soft-close drawers of the side tables, that colour is so perfect.

Bed – Rove Concepts

Nightstands – Rove Concepts

Bedspread – Vintage

Sheets – Queenwest Trading Co.

Cactus Pillow – Brand unknown

Velvet Pillows – Rodeo Home

Framed Prints – Artifact Uprising


  1. Jessica Verrier
    August 10, 2017 / 8:01 am

    Love this simplistic look so much! Do you have a mattress you love? My husband and I are looking to purchase one this week. Thanks! Love following you and your content 😊

  2. August 31, 2017 / 9:44 am

    The room is so beautiful! Happy slumbers, Bethany!

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