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Fiesta Bowl + Vegan Queso

This meal is totally detox friendly & delicious, I’ve been experimenting with Mexican inspired food that doesn’t make me feel like theres a brick in my stomach after.

Fiesta Bowl

Brown Rice – cooked with Lime Juice & Cumin. I just add a dash of each into the water while I’m boiling it

Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Diced, tossed in olive oil, cumin chilli powder, garlic powder, & salt. Roasted in a 9X13 at 400F for 30 minutes

Fresh Cabbage Slaw – Finely chopped cabbage, Lime juice, salt, cilantro, pineapple or mango. Make a big batch of this because the flavour only gets better as it sits

Barbecued Chicken Breast

Vegan Queso – Recipe Below

Can also top it with cilantro, salsa, jalapeños, hot sauce, lime.

Vegan Queso

I love this Queso! It was inspired by Oh She Glows life affirming warm nacho dip I just really simplified it and its so easy and yummy I make it a couple times a week. We put it on top of bowls or eat it warm with beans & avocado on top and dip chips in.

4 Carrots peeled, chopped & boiled until tender with a fork

1 can Full fat coconut milk

2-3 Tbs Nutritional yeast 

1 tsp Chilli powder

1 tsp Garlic powder

Dash of Cayenne

Salt to taste

Place the cream of the can of coconut milk into a blender, followed by carrots & spices. Blend until smooth, can add some of the coconut water if more liquid is needed.


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