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Poppy These Days


Poppy’s adorable Swimsuit is made by a local Vancouver company Mosie’s Cozies.

  1. She has converted to a hardcore Paw Patrol Fan.
  2. For my birthday she got me a Skye (Paw Patrol Character) bouncy ball
  3. She really wants long hair, keeps asking me to cut it long.
  4. Her favourite colour is “all the colours”.
  5. Loves to make friends and tells them they are her cousin or sister. She’s a little forward.
  6. When she’s a “Man” she wants to drive the garbage truck.
  7. The master at thinking of one more question every time I almost leave her room at bedtime.
  8. Favourite song is “Move it Move it”.
  9. I don’t let her build forts anymore because she’s too much of a perfectionist it always ends in frustrated tears.
  10. She’s too grown up for a step stool in the bathroom so she asks me to pick her up and put her on the potty instead… hmmm.

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