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Skipper’s first sink bath

Keeping this sleepy 3 week old awake can be a challenge, I’m trying to make him aware of day time vs. night time and when a diaper change fails to wake this squishy boy up then it’s bath time. I loved taking baths with Poppy as a newborn but this time around with a 3 year old bathing with a newborn isn’t quite as peaceful, and he will most likely get bonked on the head several times if Poppy is in there with us. My friend Kir lent us her puj tub to use for sink baths, I love it. There is something so cute about newborns in the kitchen sink (Well, there is something so cute about newborns anywhere really).

He started staring into my face this week, the best! 

Making some embarrassing baby face at him. 

My super comfy bamboo tee is from a local maker Jax and Lennon Co

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  1. Eleanor
    February 8, 2017 / 4:02 am

    Ohhh beautiful!!!! Perfect little guy. What sweet relief to have him home safely and showering him with love. He’s so lucky.

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