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Saturday Laze

Nine more days until the baby boy arrives, crazzzzzy! Yesterday I was making food for the freezer and totally wore myself out, so I said to David when we were going to bed that this is going to be my “roasting” week. I’m going to not feel guilty about laying on my butt and all day and let this last week be full of letting baby boy roast away (I am the crockpot), let him fatten up, and get strong. These days each week makes such a noticeable difference in his size, 2 weeks ago I felt like there was no way we could have a full size baby in less than a month, and now I can see to outline of his back and bum and he’s looking ready to pop! 

Today I haven’t touched my hair or make up or even tried to put an appropriate outfit together, we’ve just been playing on the bed, having baths and drinking tea. Thankfully Poppy has been so content playing at home these days, her imagination is not lacking, and she someone has forgotten about TV, Hallelujah (that girls LOVES her shows). 

I’ve been trying to take more photos & videos around home that aren’t set up, just moments throughout the day. So here is a video of complete pointless nonsense. 

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  1. Rachel John
    February 10, 2017 / 6:08 am

    Just caught up on this. Gorgeous video, especially the kisses at the end. I see so much of poppy in my own daughter. Good to see she is so well loved Bethany. And so glad you are enjoying skipper in all his newborn glory!

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