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Christmas Jammies

It wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without matching family Pajamas or at least a onesie that makes you look like your all-time favorite toy! David is in love with all things Christmassy but not until it’s actually December. So now that we’re “allowed” we’re all about being cozied up in PJs and watching Christmas movies in bed. I don’t when, where, or who started the Pajama tradition… but my family did it when I was a kid and it was always fun to all be matched Christmas Eve & morning, something I’ll definitely carry on with our kids. I remember when I was younger, my mom bought us all a pair of silk pajamas (or Pyjamas en soie as they’d say in France!) They were super comfy and I wore them all day! I think Christmas pajamas is a great tradition for any family to try. Also, so cute & cozy for a Christmas Card.

Old Navy has a large collection of family Pajamas in so many different colors & styles. I’m a sucker for buffalo check so I fell in love with this shirt dress for myself. Especially when I’m pregnant & nursing I find shirt dresses the most practical & comfy thing to wear. Links to everything we’re wearing below.

Photos once again by my dear friend Elissa Crowe Photography

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