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LA ++ The Orlando Hotel

David and I took a little vacation to LA last week, we spent 4 days sleeping in, eating meals that I didn’t prepare, laying by the pool, and driving to different beaches. We stayed in West Hollywood at The Orlando Hotel on West 3rd. Here is a little summary about our stay, what we did, and where we ate.  

The Orlando Hotel was in such a perfect location for our trip, we didn’t want to be right downtown but last time we came to LA we stayed ocean front so we wanted to mix it up. The hotel was so lovely, and the pool area was perfect for bronzing our fall skin a little bit. After breakfast David would hit the gym beside the pool and I would lay out and swim for a bit. 

The Churchill is a great restaurant located in The Orlando Hotel, you can go visit the trendy patio or order room service from their delicious menu all day. 

Also within steps of the hotel was Goldie’s (which we loved for obvious reasons!) but we also tried their fresh baked cookie ice cream sandwich, and melting chocolate dream. A couple doors down was our usual breakfast spot Kreation, serving cold pressed juices, acai bowls, and other yummy healthy breakfasts, although of course I still ordered the massive buttermilk pancakes, preggo needs her carbs! Across the street was D’amores pizza which was a great little pizza joint where we would head down to every single night after we had been in bed watching tv for a little snack. Other great spots in walking distance (or a quick Uber if you waddle slow like me) Joan’s on Third,  Verve Coffee, Gracias Madre – a really vegan Mexican restaurant, great food and awesome decor. 

David HAD to find great “street” tacos while we were there, someone on instagram suggested Tacos Tu Madre, and it was awesome! We had our uber driver pull over there on our way to Venice. In Venice we had dinner at Zinque, it was great, and a funny memory for us. There was a man sitting alone at the table across from us reading his book and as people left they were going to his table saying they were fans or asking for photos, so obviously we were painfully intrigued. So I told David to make a fool of us and when he leaves past our table call him over and ask him who he is or were going to go crazy. Anyway, we did, and he is a hockey player turned actor, Vladamir Kulich, and owns a white water rafting place near our home in Canada strangely. 

In Malibu we hit up the highly recommended Malibu Farm located on the pier and it did not disappoint. The restaurant is beautiful looks out on the water and the Nachos were SO good.  

I’ll share more of our time driving around Malibu and the PCH soon! 

Thank you so much to my pals, Local Wanderer, for always knowing the best places to go – basically everywhere on this list I stole from them. Also to everyone on Instagram for your recommendations, so helpful! There were lots of places we wish we could have visited but there’s only so much food even a preggo can eat! 

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